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  he above is a screen shot of the hunting calculator.  The actual screen size will be a little bit larger than this image shows.  
  While there are many text boxes in the above hunting calculator, almost everything is a readout and reference to you.  What do you enter?  First in the middle center button select metric or English system.  For the rest of this, we will use the English system as the reference and of course the metric example would be similar. 

You enter muzzle velocity in the upper left - for English - either in the feet/sec text box or mph miles per hour text box.  Then hit enter.  Then you will find that much of the lower area on the left fills in.  It gives examples for gravity drop at a distance away and also tells about how many seconds to get there.  Of course this is just a first approximation and does not take into account friction in the air or environmental conditions, but likely should be a help. 

The second item to enter, if you wish, is the first item on the top left in the lower table.  When it is not filled in the box will say "Set?".  Just put a number in there for the actual number of yards you are shooting.  Then the right side fills in and tells you how much to lead the target at the distance you just entered.

Can this be used for other things other than guns and rifles?  Of course.  It really just give a relationship between speed, time and the effects of gravity.  So a person could also use it for a baseball pitcher of course.  They just need to convert the 60 feet 6 inches to yards (just over 20) and enter it in the "set?" area to see how long it takes the ball to cross the mound and also how much the ball falls and the pitcher must compensate for.  I will just say .... interesting. 


Overall - Convert 2000 is a collection of Six Calculators

  • Business Calculator A computer calculator with some excellent features.  It includes a simulated paper tape readout on screen that shows calculations as you go - and it can also print to a default printer.  It also includes 10 memory locations that are visible to help you remember which memory value is which.
  • Metric to English Calculator: that includes conversions for:  weight, distance, volume, temperature, hexadecimal to ascii and decimal, and quality sigma to ppm
  • Mortgage Loan Calculator: that allows you to calculate any of the four items of:  Principal (amount of loan) , interest rate, term of loan, or payment amount by entering the other  three.  An amortization schedule that also allows save and print is included.  Many options.
  • Quality Calculator:  Many Handheld calculators will do statistics.  This one does not.  What it does do is include many items not found on hand held calculators including mtbf calculations, and the relationship between mtbf, mttr and system availability.  Also includes ppm to sigma calculations plus fahrenheit to celsius conversion.
  • Chinese Calendar Calculator:  This calculator is a simplistic approximation of the Chinese tradition of naming years after animals and how it relates to our own Gregorian solar calendar years.  It is a simple approximation, and is mostly included for fun.
  • Custom Calculator:  Allows 9 lines of programmable calculations.  It does not include all programmable functions, but includes many of the common ones such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, %, logs, natural logs, exponentiation, and more.  It does not allow parenthesis but does allow multi-line information transfer at least in a downward direction.  This can be set up for many common small business needs.  Examples included within the calculator.
  • Cellular Calculator:  This might be primarily for those in the cellular business.  It can translate cellular serial number for small or large (two types) of serial numbers between decimal or hexadecimal.  And no, it is not just a simple overall conversion.
  • Odds Calculator:  Gives three different sections on the screen that can help calculate odds for some common items.  The help screen for it also provides examples and how to set up odds - something you might find both fun and interesting.
  • Hunting Calculator:  Provides some basic information for speed and gravity for items thrown or shot.  As soon as an item is thrown or shot, gravity causes it to fall.  How much do you need to compensate for?  If skeet shooting at a moving target, how much to lead it?


Overall - Of course, with differences in definitions and rounding techniques, you will need to check settings and ensure suitability of these calculators for your own needs.  However, this software can be an exceptional help when you need it and it comes at a very low package price.  Switch from one calculator to another by simply clicking on the calculator you wish on the pull-down menu that it is on each main calculator screen.  An option file can remember your settings if you wish it to be saved.  Load and save of multiple options is also provided for.



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