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A custom programmable software calculator that may allow you to set up frequent calculations that you need.

Windows:  95/98, 2000, Me, XP



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A programmable software calculator with 9 custom lines of allowable coding.  This calculator just might do the "Calculator Custom" application that you are looking for.  Of course the screen shots below are much smaller than in actual practice.
  Calculator Custom application of rpsoft 2000 custom calculator  
  The programmable calculator in usage - after it has been set up.  Just enter data on the left and it will calculate to the right.  "Load" and "Save" options allow multiple custom setups.  Leave your favorite setup as part of "options" to be loaded each startup time.  
  the setup, or programming screen shot for the calculator  
  This screen shot is of the programming screen that is used for the custom calculator.  If you click the "Setup Values" button on the calculator shown on the left, this screen will be visible and allow you to do programming.  Set input names on the left, output names  on the right, and enter a formula in the center column.  


Programming Power

While not at all math functions are provided, a number of the most common usages are, including:  addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (* or x), division (/), percents (% for input, =% for output), log base 10, natural log, exponentiation, "make minus" and more.  Some constants such as pi and e are provided.  While parenthesis are not allowed, you can index values from the upper lines into the later calculations (lower on the screen) - allowing for some complex and integrated business answers.

If in your normal business, you calculate sales tax, money conversions, commission, realtor numbers such as commissions, closing costs and customer proceeds, or do simple job estimates such as how much paint is needed and cost estimation, you might be able to setup a custom calculator system just for you.  Some examples are provided - for realtors, sales tax models, and also a house painting estimate setup.  Remember that load and save functions are provided.  While your most commonly used setup can be selected to be saved and loaded each time, you can load other option values.  For a person who deals in multiple currency conversions, that could be a help.  One could keep loaded the most common 9 conversions - but then load other files for ones used less often.

Overall - Convert 2000 is a collection of Six Calculators

Overall - Of course, with differences in definitions and rounding techniques, you will need to check settings and ensure suitability of these calculators for your own needs.  However, this software can be an exceptional help when you need it and it comes at a very low package price.  Switch from one calculator to another by simply clicking on the calculator you wish on the pull-down menu that it is on each main calculator screen.  An option file can remember your settings if you wish it to be saved.  Load and save of multiple options is also provided for.

Readme.txt and help included.




$12.95   Download It Now from The Virtual Software Store using Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, a USA-based checking account, prepaid InternetCash(tm) Cards or your Microsoft Passport wallet. Immediately download and install it on your computer. Offline payment options also available.


new CD ROM option !

$17.95 + $5.00 US for Shipping and Handling.  Sales are via Pay Pal and include pay pal or many credit cards.  Software program will be shipped to you shortly after the receipt of your order.  CD ROMs will be shipped in a protective case for shipping and include instructions for loading.

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