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If you are a purist looking for a Chinese Calendar to Gregorian Calendar that precisely translates the lunar calendar to a solar one, this calculator is not it.   This calculator is mostly for fun and does also remind us of the excellent and rich heritage of the Chinese people.  The translation from the normal calendar year to the corresponding 1 of 12 animal years, is a gross approximation.  This calendar just sets the average at Feb 5 each year for Chinese New Years.  However, Chinese New Years does follow a lunar calendar. On the Gregorian (Western) Calendar, this would correspond to the celebration being between January 21, and February 19th.

But, regardless, this calculator can be fun, and is really a bonus calculator among four other calculators that make up this software program.  More about that below.

Chinese Calendar

The tradition of naming years after animals is a rich and fine tradition.  And it can also be fun.

For example, are you still writing “Year of the Ox?” on your checks for the date?  We all need to keep current.  And that blind date that you were fixed up with – was that person born in year of the pig?  These are questions that perhaps this simple calendar can help with.

We understand that the culture in China regarding the calendar may still be quite strong in some circles.  We understand that a number of Chinese women, for example, prefer that their babies are born during the year of the dragon – signifying a powerful year and perhaps powerful offspring.  A rich tradition indeed.

Think there is nothing to this? 

Perhaps.  But then again, the US stock market seems to have peaked in the year 2000, “Year of the Dragon”, followed in 2001 “year of the snake” by a bad recession.  Many in the US worked “hard like a horse” to fix the recession during the next year, which of course was “Year of the Horse” in 2002.  And because of that, there was a sheepish recovery in 2003 during “Year of the Sheep”.  Who knows? Maybe there is a lot to this.  As for why 2004 was “Year of the Monkey” – we will leave that one for you to decide.

For all those who just enjoyed reading the place holders in Chinese Restaurants (like me) in order to find out what year it is - this just might be for you.  And it is in combination with the other calculators below as an overall software package.


Overall - Convert 2000 is a collection of Six Calculators

  • Business Calculator A computer calculator with some excellent features.  It includes a simulated paper tape readout on screen that shows calculations as you go - and it can also print to a default printer.  It also includes 10 memory locations that are visible to help you remember which memory value is which.
  • Metric to English Calculator: that includes conversions for:  weight, distance, volume, temperature, hexadecimal to ascii and decimal, and quality sigma to ppm
  • Mortgage Loan Calculator: that allows you to calculate any of the four items of:  Principal (amount of loan) , interest rate, term of loan, or payment amount by entering the other  three.  An amortization schedule that also allows save and print is included.  Many options.
  • Quality Calculator:  Many Handheld calculators will do statistics.  This one does not.  What it does do is include many items not found on hand held calculators including mtbf calculations, and the relationship between mtbf, mttr and system availability.  Also includes ppm to sigma calculations plus fahrenheit to celsius conversion.
  • Chinese Calendar Calculator:  This calculator is a simplistic approximation of the Chinese tradition of naming years after animals and how it relates to our own Gregorian solar calendar years.  It is a simple approximation, and is mostly included for fun.
  • Custom Calculator:  Allows 9 lines of programmable calculations.  It does not include all programmable functions, but includes many of the common ones such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, %, logs, natural logs, exponentiation, and more.  It does not allow parenthesis but does allow multi-line information transfer at least in a downward direction.  This can be set up for many common small business needs.  Examples included within the calculator.
  • Cellular Calculator:  This might be primarily for those in the cellular business.  It can translate cellular serial number for small or large (two types) of serial numbers between decimal or hexadecimal.  And no, it is not just a simple overall conversion.
  • Odds Calculator:  Gives three different sections on the screen that can help calculate odds for some common items.  The help screen for it also provides examples and how to set up odds - something you might find both fun and interesting.
  • Hunting Calculator:  Provides some basic information for speed and gravity for items thrown or shot.  As soon as an item is thrown or shot, gravity causes it to fall.  How much do you need to compensate for?  If skeet shooting at a moving target, how much to lead it?

Overall - Of course, with differences in definitions and rounding techniques, you will need to check settings and ensure suitability of these calculators for your own needs.  However, this software can be an exceptional help when you need it and it comes at a very low package price.  Switch from one calculator to another by simply clicking on the calculator you wish on the pull-down menu that it is on each main calculator screen.  An option file can remember your settings if you wish it to be saved.  Load and save of multiple options is also provided for.

Readme.txt and help included.




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