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Screen shots - smaller than normal size of course - illustrating the "Mortgage-Software" application of this software and more.  The mortgage and amortization calculators are very feature rich, and yet are only a part of the 5 calculator conversion software set package from rpsoft 2000 software.



Mortgage Calculator.  Enter any three items of: Principal (Amount of Loan), Interest Rate, Term Length, or Payment Amount, and let it calculate the fourth remaining value.  Many options.


  Amortization table - that works with the Mortgage Calculator, and can provide print and save as well as viewing.  Several printing options allow you to modify it within your favorite word processor or spreadsheet after transferring the data.  

A full Featured Mortgage Calculator - with its associated amortization calculator

Some of the mortgage options include entering interest rate and payment timing in terms of years, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily.  Term length can be in terms of years, months or weeks.  Of course the standard compound rating is supplied (we call this option #4 for compounding) which is compounded monthly, but stated yearly as 12 times the monthly rate. 

But this mortgage calculator also allows compound rates:  Yearly, semi-annually, quarterly, monthly (as stated before), weekly or daily.  And of course, provision is there for interest only loans as well as the more common "Loan Paid During Term". Options are there also for type of rounding desired and also even detailed adjustments for daily and weekly calculations.

Overall - Convert 2000 is a collection of Six Calculators

  • Business Calculator A computer calculator with some excellent features.  It includes a simulated paper tape readout on screen that shows calculations as you go - and it can also print to a default printer.  It also includes 10 memory locations that are visible to help you remember which memory value is which.
  • Metric to English Calculator: that includes conversions for:  weight, distance, volume, temperature, hexadecimal to ascii and decimal, and quality sigma to ppm
  • Mortgage Loan Calculator: that allows you to calculate any of the four items of:  Principal (amount of loan) , interest rate, term of loan, or payment amount by entering the other  three.  An amortization schedule that also allows save and print is included.  Many options.
  • Quality Calculator:  Many Handheld calculators will do statistics.  This one does not.  What it does do is include many items not found on hand held calculators including mtbf calculations, and the relationship between mtbf, mttr and system availability.  Also includes ppm to sigma calculations plus Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion.
  • Chinese Calendar Calculator:  This calculator is a simplistic approximation of the Chinese tradition of naming years after animals and how it relates to our own Gregorian solar calendar years.  It is a simple approximation, and is mostly included for fun.
  • Custom Calculator:  Allows 9 lines of programmable calculations.  It does not include all programmable functions, but includes many of the common ones such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, %, logs, natural logs, exponentiation, and more.  It does not allow parenthesis but does allow multi-line information transfer at least in a downward direction.  This can be set up for many common small business needs.  Examples included within the calculator.

Overall - Of course, with differences in definitions and rounding techniques, you will need to check settings and ensure suitability of these calculators for your own needs.  However, this software can be an exceptional help when you need it and it comes at a very low package price.  Switch from one calculator to another by simply clicking on the calculator you wish on the pull-down menu that it is on each main calculator screen.  An option file can remember your settings if you wish it to be saved.  Load and save of multiple options is also provided for.

Readme.txt and help included.




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new CD ROM option !

$17.95 + $5.00 US for Shipping and Handling.  Sales are via Pay Pal and include pay pal or many credit cards.  Software program will be shipped to you shortly after the receipt of your order.  CD ROMs will be shipped in a protective case for shipping and include instructions for loading.

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