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The International Nature of the World Wide Web

Because of the international nature of the world wide web, rpsoft 2000 software will link to many sites that it believes are legal in at least one location within the world.  Please note however, that local laws within your country or area may prohibit some or all usage in regard to some of the site links.  Please consider it your responsibility to know the laws in your country or area and to abide by them with respect to links, world wide web sites, and world wide web commerce.

While much of the below continued information concerns itself specifically with gambling, which of course can be highly regulated by countries, please note that the message here goes even beyond the gambling links.  There may also be laws within your country or area regarding pharmaceuticals, downloading restrictions or even other commerce.  Thank you ahead of time for reading this caution and for abiding by the specific laws of your government.

Local Law and Gambling

Please note that laws of the country that you are in, or even in the state or province of your country may regulate gambling.  Visitors to rpsoft 2000 software web site are advised to check the laws of their local jurisdiction to ensure that gambling, and also the type of gambling one is considering, is legal for them.  It is also advised to learn if the gambling operation that one is dealing with is also operating both legally and fairly.

Links to rpsoft 2000

Please note that links to and from rpsoft 2000 are not verified by rpsoft 2000 as to their legality nor fairness.  Our current rules for link exchange are: no adult (pornographic) sites, and no violent nor hate themes. For example, again, gambling sites need to be checked and verified by the user as to their legality and appropriateness of use for each individual.  If one does have a concern regarding the integrity or lawfulness of a site that we link to, please let us know.

Gambling in General

If legal and fun for the player and the casino, and if one gambles no more than they can safely afford to lose, then gambling may in fact be a fun alternative for some of us.  Please keep in mind that for almost all gambling, that the odds are in favor of the casino and not the player.

Even though the above statement indicates that gambling may be fun for some of us, there are several cautions inherent in the statement.  We need as players to ensure that the gambling is totally legal for us.  We also need to ensure that we are not gambling more that we can safely lose and that gambling is not an addiction for us.

rpsoft 2000 blackjack information and software

rpsoft 2000 does have software and information regarding blackjack.  This information and these products are intended for use legally in locations and by people where gambling is legal and allowed.  It is to be noted that while one can improve their game at blackjack (and likely lose less money) that it is still a game of chance and hence should be considered entertainment that might cost us money at times.


Within all of those above cautions, we hope that those that wish to gamble and find it fun, will do so legally and responsibly and that it will simply be fun entertainment for them.





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