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Reasons for Buying Software


Why Acquire Any Software at All?

Since computers are fairly new compared to the age of the earth, you could argue that none of us really needs any computer software at all.  Michelangelo and many others got along just fine without it.  So why the need?  The answer is that it is not a need.  It is a convenience that allows us often more productivity or simply more fun.  It enhances our lives - or least has the ability to do that.  For productivity software, often what it saves us is "time" - the ability to accomplish much more in the same period of time.

Most of rpsoft 2000 software is really of this productivity or utility type.  One can argue that any of its functions can be done another way.  That would be indeed correct.  But if time is important to you - your time - then looking at productivity software can be a great help.  All of the rpsoft 2000 software was in fact created first as a real time saver for common computer tasks.  It was only later that the decision was made to also seek sales.

Time Saver Examples

Membank:  One of the rpsoft 2000 software programs that we ourselves use the most is "membank".  What it does is allow us to store often used text phrases and then make them very easy to use for letters, email, or other computer applications.  How many text phrases does it store?  480 per file.  480 per file would seem like a lot.  However, for my own usage, I use at least 3 different files.  Hence I have close to 1500 items that I find it important to remember and be able to copy back.  What are those?  www addresses and passwords for various banks and other business sites.   Now that membank also allows multi-line storage, I use it also for signatures, form letters, addresses, and much more.  Re-typing the same form letter again and again would be awful.  And yes, there are other ways of storing form letters in word processors.  But I find that I prefer the way that membank handles them better.  It is faster, and the fact that it is "text only" it will conform to the style of whatever I am adding it to.  I find it an excellent "time saver"; and that of course, is the whole point of productivity software.

Emailaddy:  After this email address book is set up, it may very well be the last one you will ever need to start over with.  Since it is universal for most windows programs, and will not be corrupted even if your on line email program gets corrupted, your data can be much safer.  Simply back up its data for safety as you would any other important data that you have.  For our own usage, looking for emails used to be a common and time consuming experience.  Now that they are in one place, it has become simple.  Our slogan is "From now on, only lose those email addresses that you wish to".  Emailaddy now also scrambles its stored email files - at least to a small extent - to make stored email addresses in its file less easy for viruses to use and manipulate to spread themselves.

MusicordMusicord makes music chords easy to work with.  It shows music chords if you enter the notes, and also does the reverse - that of showing the notes themselves if you enter the chords.  It also shows fingerings for piano and guitar.  While music is indeed often mathematical for chords, it would take quite some time to determine the thousands of fingerings that this program can provide.  It just simply makes life easier and faster for those wishing to see chord fingerings.  Even though I have been a musician since 5 years old (no, I won't tell my age), there is no way I would ever memorize thousands of chord fingerings.  That would be hard for me.  But, it is easy for "Musicord".

Filemod:  This program is more than a time saver.  To be sure, some of the tasks that it does easily we would not even attempt to do by hand.  This program can convert file names or attributes for entire directories - or even a group of nested directories.  Some examples.  If we take 80 pictures with a digital camera and download them to our computer, we should not be surprised that our camera labels them with names like: "PZ001234.jpg" or something like that.  And why?  Our camera has not idea of what the event was that we were filming.  Filemod can quickly change that whole directory of photo pictures to a name such as:  "Sues_Graduation_001.jpg" if we wish, labeling the number series at the end for the number of photos.  And it is quite fast.  We set up one label and based on that starting point, it can change 80, or hundreds, or thousands.  It can also change "read-only" files re-copied from a cd back to a computer to "read and write" so we actually can use them very rapidly.  Not just one at a time - the whole cd worth - again perhaps thousands of files.  Filemod is a bulk file name / attribute modifier that is simply very powerful that can turn some tasks that would be pure drudgery into simple tasks.

Site-Crawler:   Our newest software program, site crawler is also very much a time saver - in this case for webmasters.  When growing the popularity of a site, we often hear that links, reciprocal links with another web site are an advantage.  Some search engines, such as Google, even consider each link to a site a "vote" on the importance of a site.  But if one has a link agreement with another site, how does one check to see if your link is really there?  Often the other site does not give you the page.  They may even have misleading search engines on their site that checks a data base but does not really tell you if your link is really on your site.  Add to that the fact that some sites have hundreds or even thousands of pages.  So if one has hundreds of links, and sites have hundreds of pages, how can one really expect to check all of that?  Site-crawler will scan even multiple sites at one setting - and find if your link is there.  Since sites must have reasonable linking structures on their pages for site-crawler to scan the site, this software is not 100% effective.  However, in our tests we found that of our 700 links it was more than 97% effective.  Now, going forward, we are no longer linking to sites that have complex link structures on their pages.  So site-crawler for our usage, will be 100% effective.  In addition to this big time saver, site-crawler also can help with meta tags, keyword count, external link count, finding email addresses at sites and more.  It has quickly become one of our most often used programs.

Convert:  This program keeps metric and other volume, or size conversions simple - the way they should be.  To be sure, one can look up the conversion formula for most any type of conversion, such as meters to feet.  However, that can be time consuming.  Much easier to have a simple program that one can just plug numbers into and get a quick answer.  Convert works for weight, distance, volume, temperature, hexadecimal to decimal or ascii, and ppm to Sigma (quality translations).

Blackjack Game:  One could ask what the time savings might be for the blackjack game?  While the game is great fun, the hint charts that it includes to help us improve the game are quite serious.  Those hint charts were based on blackjack simulations of 36 billion hands of blackjack done by rpsoft 2000 and its associated math to find best play over a 6 month period.  To get the same knowledge by simply playing that many blackjack games in real life would take quite some time.  If we played 1000 hands of blackjack a day, 365 days a year, it would take us almost 100,000 years to acquire the same information.

Time Savers

And so, some of the main features of rpsoft 2000 software are better organization and time saving.  What is your time worth?  At rpsoft 2000, we think both your time and our time is valuable.  rpsoft 2000 software products were first invented in order to solve real time problems that we saw in this brand new exciting computer age.  It was only much after their invention, that the idea to share them and market them was born.  We truly hope that you try rpsoft 2000 software and find it as helpful and as time saving as we do.  rpsoft 2000 software is our most used software.  That also ensures that our products are continually being tested.

thanks for visiting us and for reading this !

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