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Approximate License Fees for Large Applications


Normal Software License

The normal software license granted by rpsoft 2000 based on purchase is on a per-user basis. 

Licensing for Large Applications

If additional licenses are needed for a large company application or for a supplier of computers and / or software, the following table should be used as a guide.  Please note that the table serves as a guide, and that specific software license requests should be done via contract.  Please contact on us on any such requests at:  email us

License Coverage

Note that the license coverage is very low priced and therefore does not include any cd's or other hard storage media provided by rpsoft 200 software.  These low prices are based on: (1) the customer buying the first software product in each case by normal purchase means, and then (2) purchasing a license to duplicate the needed number, and then (3) the customer (and not rpsoft 2000) provides the software duplication within that agreed upon number.  The software customer would also agree to provide to rpsoft 2000 the actual portion of the license number in usage each quarter (one fourth of a year) such that both can verify that the usage and license fee are accurate.  License fees are paid up front of the duplication and will not include a refund unless separately agreed to by both parties in writing.

      Price Each License at Quantity Rate    
Software Product 1st unit 2 to 20 21 to 100 101 to 999 1000 or more
Blackjack Game $19.95 $17.96 $15.96 $13.97 $9.98
Emailaddy $14.95 $13.46 $11.96 $10.47 $7.48
Membank $14.95 $13.46 $11.96 $10.47 $7.48
Musicord $12.95 $11.66 $10.36 $9.07 $6.48
Filemod $12.95 $11.66 $10.36 $9.07 $6.48
Convert $9.95 $8.96 $7.96 $6.97 $4.98
Approximate Discount rate 0% 10% 20% 30% 50%
Approximate Effective price rate 100% 90% 80% 70% 50%

note:  this chart is given as a guide, and current pricing may differ.  please verify current pricing

Example of Usage

Let us take an example that a customer wished to buy 501 usages of  the rpsoft 2000 membank software program.  To do this, the customer would first buy 1 copy of membank at the normal price of $14.95 and download it to a single test person to ensure that the program is suitable for their needs.  To take advantage of the above low prices, the customer would then contract rpsoft 2000 with a request to buy 500 licenses (to get to the total of 501).  The cost of the licenses for 500 would be in the 101 to 999 range, and therefore each added license would be $10.47 each.  The cost of all 500 licenses would be 500 times $10.47 or the total of $5235.00 in US dollars.  After paying the fee to rpsoft 2000 and receiving the license, the customer would then be allowed to duplicate the software 500 times for 500 users.  rpsoft 2000 does request also that a customer in this duplication process would send to rpsoft 2000 the current status of how many times the software was duplicated each 3 months such that both companies will know the status of the license.  Again, please remember that these low prices do not include furnished cds or hard copies of the program for each user by rpsoft 2000 software.

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