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Load / Startup Information

Note on Installing the Programs: The file downloaded is a self-extracting zip file. Executing the file should initiate the entire load sequence. The zip file not only contains the programs themselves but also the required system files that your computer may need to run the programs. Please ensure as normal that all other programs are not running, since running programs may tie up needed system files.

If not changed during load, the program files will be stored under C:\Program Files\(program name) or for example C:\*_Program Files (x86). Program start will be under that location using the start key (computer left bottom) and will be located under rpsoft_2000\(program name).

Billing Issues

Downloadable Software
For download software, this site does not do billing directly for the programs, and we regret therefore that we do not have the customer billing information at this site to make changes.  Please refer back to the site that did the original billing if at all possible.  This is likely to be Virtual Software at http://www.virtualsoftware.com. The sales / billing sites that rpsoft 2000 deals with has told us that they are reasonable people on billing issues.  If you have checked back at the original site and still have an issue, then of course, contact us as indicated below.

CD Rom Version (mailed)
As rpsoft 2000 enters the CD Rom version business, billing is jointly under rpsoft 2000 and pay pal control.  If there are billing issues please contact rpsoft 2000 with comments as indicated below.

Color Fuzziness

Colors may look differently on computer monitors due to differences in the monitors themselves, or differences in the computer video drivers, or even by different settings in display under panel.  Since colors may appear so different looking, many programs avoid color, and stick often to grays, whites and blacks mostly.  However, color adds some excitement and hence color is used at times on rpsoft 2000 programs.  If the colors look objectionable, and if you have noticed similar color fuzziness on other programs, you might wish to check the settings in display under the computer's control panel. 

I have found, somewhat surprisingly, that on my portable and desktop screens both that often the 16 bit color setting, or high color 16 bit color setting (control panel / display / settings) look far better than the 256 bit setting.  The tradeoffs between the 256 bit color setting and 16 appear to be that the 256 bit setting allows more colors, but since more bits of information are needed for that color, it gives up resolution (detail) in the process, and can give a fuzzy appearance.  The 16 bit color setting and high color 16 bit color settings since they need fewer bits to describe colors, allow better detail and less fuzziness, albeit at fewer colors available.  Beauty of course is in the eye of the beholder.  However, I leave my setting always on hi-color 16 bit, as do many others I know.

Screen Size

rpsoft 2000 has tested most of the normal screen sizes for its programs.  Most should work.  However, the display setting of 480 x 640 is not recommended due to the large size of the program appearance that would result.  The programs are designed to expect an approximate screen size of 1024 by 768. However, they also are sized to work at 600 x 800 and at reasonable screen resolutions higher than 1024 by 768, such as 1280 by 1024, and most likely even higher.  Remember that the information for emailaddy states that the program emailaddz.exe should be used instead of emailaddy.exe for screen sizes of 600 x 800.

Display sizes for CRT (tube type / large displays) can be set via your computers control panel, at: control panel / display / settings.  Please note, however that thought should be given before changing screen sizes on your computers.  Screen sizes must be compatible with both your display and your display drivers.  If your display is a CRT (tube type) but the display cannot be adjusted from the 480 by 640 setting, it might mean either of two things.  It could mean that 480 by 640 is the only setting allowed by your display driver, but that is the least likely possibility.  More likely there may be a problem with your display driver, and it may need to be reloaded.  The default setting is often 480 by 640 if there is a display driver problem. 

For portables and most flat screen systems, please note that it often just does not pay to modify screen size settings from their suggested design numbers.  The reason for this is that on these screens, the setting it is shipped with often represents the actual dots possible on the screen.  Many portables and medium sized flat screens are set to 1024 by 768. Changing this setting in either direction can in fact distort print for example.  Some larger flat screens, perhaps at the 18 inch size or so, do seem to offer 1280 by 1024 dots.  Some portables that have screens that are set to 1024 by 768 will just simply give you a smaller screen if you set them to 600 by 800 or similar.  The reason for this is those computer designers will simply match the screen size to the real dots possible on the screen rather than having some dots share an image and hence distorting the image.

Windows Operating Systems

The rpsoft 2000 programs have been tested on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me  and Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.  Windows NT4 is expected to be fine also, however, it has not been specifically tested.  Since rpsoft 2000 has really been in operation since 1984, I am certain in fact, that several of these programs have been run on NT systems. However, the NT4 operation is not being claimed at this time.  As for Windows 3.1 usage or Macintosh usage, neither of those systems have been tested.  I would be concerned that these programs may not work on those systems. 

The rpsoft 2000 site crawler program is an exception to the above and only is recommended for Windows 2000 and XP, and likely fine also on Vista and Windows 7.  It uses the latest "wininit" module from Microsoft for the best web browsing.  The latest "wininit" module may not be compatible with Windows 98 or Windows Me.  Not also that in some cases, the user may have to update their Microsoft Internet Explorer browser even in Windows 2000 or XP to the latest version free from Microsoft before rpsoft 2000 site-crawler may be allowed to load.  Windows may not allow usage of the latest "wininit" module unless the browser is also using the updated, improved module.

Some minor variations are seen in the operating systems, particularly Windows XP.  The Windows XP computer and operating system tested did seem to show slightly different coloration.  The color portrayal, however, seemed fine.  Again rpsoft 2000 does recommend the 16 bit color setting on your display or 16 bit hi color setting.  In our opinion, those settings also show up best for other programs we have tested. The other oddity of the XP testing was that it did not seem to contain the Commercial Script BT font that is in some minor usage in rpsoft 2000 programs. This font is used in a few places of the Blackjack program, to show the bet and stake titles at the screen bottom for example.  However, XP in our tests just seemed to replace that missing font with normal letters - so the main meaning of that writing was not lost.  If you wish to see the program script as originally designed, just load Commercial Script BT font into your XP system.  XP also seemed to clip the bottom of the Blackjack game screen slightly at the bottom.  However, that was an oddity, and no information was lost, and the appearance was judged by us to be fine.

The other difference noted in the operating systems, is that Windows 2000 and Windows XP seem to be more efficient systems and to run programs slightly faster than the Windows 95/98 format - even on the same computer.  This however, was really of no real importance for the programs sold at this point.  As rpsoft 2000 gets into more mathematical programs, however, this speed advantage is of course helpful.  This might be an overall interesting tip for you if you are currently running Windows 95/98.

Support / Contact Us

Send questions to support@rpsoft2000.com. For those wishing technical support, please also send your name used when purchasing the software, the date and the location that the software was purchased. We will try and answer all questions from customers and from prospective customers as best as we can.






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