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Like much at rpsoft2000 software, we set up our rules the way we would like to be treated ourselves.  In this case it is "Single User".  What does that mean?  It means that you as a single user can install the software we sell you on both your laptop and your desktop or even more computers if you own or use them.  And yes, that also goes for your work computer if you are the sole user of it and have admin privileges and can load programs on it.  What happens when your computer gets old?  You are of course free to try to load our software on your new computer as well.  And why not?  You bought the software.  You should have usage of it - as long as technology and the new operating systems allow.  And we all know that it is hard for anyone to type on more than one computer at one time, so why not?

As we imply here, the reason why we do this, is that this is the way we ourselves would like to be treated - trust.  No hidden license agreement stored inside a huge array of tiny type for you to read, no "gotcha", no using your internet service against yourself without your permission to check on you.

In return we of course do ask you to honor that trust and not to make wrongful copies and give to non paying people.  We are a small company and we wish to trust our customers such that they can get full usage of our products.  Please help to keep us from going out of business.  And of course, we would also like to point out that all we sell in fact has had a valid copyright applied for in the US Library of Congress.


You might find that one of the most critical people of software companies is a software company such as us.  We are more than tired of other software companies that we buy from telling us nothing about their rules at all - until we buy.  And then their evil rules are hidden in the small print.  We do not like that at all.  In fairness, we have also ourselves bought software from some companies who think like we do - they trust their customers and allow them to use it as single users.  We applaud the other good software companies out there, and at some point may even list the good ones here on our site, since we appreciate their approach so much.

We also try to describe as much as we can about how our software programs work, what they do and what they do not do on the pages of this site.  While complaints to us are rare, we find most complaints come from those who do not read the descriptions.  Again, we really wish some other software companies would try to tell all on their pages as well.  Right now for example, I would like myself to buy some new software ... but I see no good descriptions on what they do.

Well, either way, we truly hope our products help you and that you enjoy their usage.  It might not surprise you to learn that the software programs that we ourselves use the most - are often our own.


Owner - rpsoft2000 Software



note:  rpsoft 2000 was registered as a US trademark;
rpsoft 2000 IP also includes 16 US software copyrights received or now pending with US Library of Congress






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