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Note:  This is an internal information page of emaddy2 database program with contact manager, calendar, tasks, general memory bank and more.  For the main page for this software, please click here.




 This emaddy2 program contains many, many features, such that it would be difficult to list them all.  However, we will concentrate on its main items.  The program allows database storage, adding, editing and updating to the four primary database collections below:

  1. Contact Data – for people and businesses

  2.  Membank Data – general storage such as passwords and usernames

  3. Calendar Data – for appointments

  4. Task Data for things to do, which can be sorted by user or application

 It also includes some smaller and helpful database collections for:

  1. Signatures

  2. Return Addresses

 There also are a few “behind the scenes” database collections that help you to organize and use the above database collections:

  1. Alarms –a separate collection that takes input from Calendar and Task items

  2. Templates – allow you to set a format for import, export functions or database merge

  3. Category Names – allows you to break “Contact Data” and “Membank Data” each and separately into 18 different categories for easy, fast retrieval or a “type” of contact data (example business, family, friends) or “type” of “membank data (such as bank passwords, jobsite passwords or the like.

  4. Settings – allows you to set some preferences for ease of startup.  Settings allows you to customize and get to primary areas faster – perhaps by just hitting the enter key a few times

 Design Features

  1. Portability – rpsoft 2000 software includes license by user and not by platform.  Therefore, if you travel load the program on both your desktop and your portable computer.  Then when leaving, simply copy the database your are using (likely the general database “emaddy2.mdb” from the program directory to your portable.  This will transfer all of your contact information and other data.  When returning, copy it back to your desktop.  If you wish your emaddy2 software to allow additional users, additional licenses can be obtained from www.rpsoft2000.com at a low charge.  Please honor the per user licensing agreement that comes with the emaddy2 program.  The first program sale includes licensing for one user only.

  2. Merge – If you say the above will not work since you made a mistake of updating BOTH your laptop and desktop and do not wish to lose data, use “merge” – which will be explained later.  Merge allows you to merge two databases – not just for missing contacts, but also for internal record items that one may have and another might be missing.  You can also selectively merge some of the database and not others.  As far as internal record item merging as mentioned above, here is an example.  Let us consider that one database has a contact “Smith, Mary” with an email address but no phone number.  Let us say that the other database has the same contact “Smith, Mary” with a phone number but no email.  With the correct merge setup to update both, both database contacts will now have both an email and a phone number.

  3. Your Data – this program includes import, export, merge capabilities and profiles to allow you to use and own the data – and not restrict your usage of it the way some other contact manager programs do. Take it with you.  Backup the files.  Create alternate profiles.  It is your data.

  4. Universal Usage – this program uses the computer clipboard and in doing so, that makes it universal in usage for many windows programs.  To output data such as email, the data is sent to the computer clipboard.  Just use “shift” and “inset” to paste this data into another program at the point of your cursor.  Perhaps this point is the “to” box of your email program, such as outlook, yahoo, aol, hotmail or other.  Likewise, many gray buttons surround data.  By clicking them, often you can send that data to the clipboard to use in word processing or elsewhere.  You can copy and paste addresses, phone numbers, emails and more. 

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