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emaddy 2 DATABASE

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Note:  This is an internal information page of emaddy2 database program with contact manager, calendar, tasks, general memory bank and more.  For the main page for this software, please click here.



–For safety, ensure that you backup important databases and store these current files at another location on your computer or on separate disk
–Use the startup screen to help make a backup at times when starting
•Database Errors
  • –Mostly databases protect themselves and halt the program addressing them – such as this software –when there are problems
  • •Always use “Add New” for new records, and “Save” when done
  • •Ensure unique titles for contacts, membank and templates
  • •Careful of format – especially for dates (mm/dd/yyyy) and time: (10:23 PM)
  • –Be very careful and do backups BEFORE imports or merge
  • •While databases often protect themselves, imports and merge can be rapid operations that can change database contents rapidly
•Error addressing a database
–See if two copies of this program are running at once.  Two programs addressing the same database may avoid copying that database or slow updating of it.

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