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Common Sense
vs. The World

eBook (epub, pdf)



Common Sense vs. The World - eBook


Common Sense vs. The World 

Common Sense vs. The World  - eBook

In this 21st century, we are engulfed by tidal waves and tsunamis of information. Television, Internet, Public Speakers, and other media can either bring us great knowledge that the world has never seen before this time in history, or just give us instead false messages. Business commercials want us to buy their products, and political commercials want our votes. Added to this, some of the media may disagree so much as to say opposite seeming things. Clearly, when some news sources say opposite things, logically they all cannot be right. In fact, it is slightly possible that perhaps none of them are simply correct.

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How to survive in this confusion and still seek wisdom? While some people will simply believe what they hear, from one source, or multiple sources, others of us want more. And we have something more powerful than the media tidal waves. We can choose to be open minded and to think for ourselves. Many people seem to doubt the power of the human mind, and even their own thinking abilities. However, I find human thinking power often much greater than many people might imagine. There is perhaps more truth, more logic power, more ethics and morality in our own thinking than is easily available in the media. Trust in yourself.

While there are some logic examples in this book, they are not the point. You may begin your own thinking, or have better inside information, and reach a different conclusion, and that is more than okay. That gives us thinking people something to discuss respectfully. The important thing is how we each can "Learn how to learn," and then perhaps become continuous students for our entire lives and seek wisdom.

I find that people who achieve being open minded and think are often the brightest, the most fun to talk to, and also seldom are given to the disrespect and hate so prevalent in today’s society.

And best wishes
- Ron Plachno

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