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The Day the
Alamo Won

eBook (epub, pdf)



The Day The Alamo Won - eBook


ebook The Day the Alamo Won

The Day The Alamo Won   - eBook

One morning in Texas in 1836 seemed to begin as most other mornings in Texas. But then the bugles and band of General Santa Anna played a song from Spain called “El degüello.“ The literal translation of this song might be "slit throat" or "beheading" but its meaning this day was that Santa Anna would allow no mercy to the men at the Alamo in Texas. While Santa Anna did have regard for women and children and did not harm either on purpose, the song played in Texas that morning was that every man in the Alamo would be killed, whether fighting or even after surrender. There would be no forgiveness.



Two unlikely heroes decided that this massacre should have never happened. In order to stop it, however, they also had to ensure that nothing obvious in history changed along the way.

But this is all fiction. It never happened. Or did it? How would we know? How would anyone know?


Hope you Enjoy It!
And best wishes

- Ron Plachno

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