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Windows:  95/98, 2000, Me, XP,Vista,  and Windows 7




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High-Featured Database

emaddy 2 software

Contact Manager, Memory, Calendar, Tasks, More


System Data / Requirements

Windows Systems: 2000,Me,XP,Vista, 7
Ram Used: 15 MB
Hard Drive Space: 15 MB
Min. Display Size  * 600 x 800
Display Setting (for Best Color) 16 bit or high 16
File Size for Download 14 MB



Basic Description:

Our emaddy2 database software program is a multi-screened powerful database at a low price.  It is a combination contact manager, password manager (and / or general memory bank for information), calendar and task manger.  It also has capabilities for alarms, merge, import, export and some reports.  It also has separate memory for commonly used signatures and return addresses.

This emaddy2 software uses the computer clipboard for its operation.  It does not work completely automatically with any single email program, but it is more universal and does work with many with just one extra step.  What it does do is work indirectly with almost all windows email programs such as outlook, AOL, yahoo, hotmail and more.  For example, for emails this software will group your email addresses for you and then put them on the computer clipboard.  Then all you need to do is to open your favorite email program and put your mouse cursor into the "to" or "cc" text area and then press "shift" and "insert" at the same time to transfer the group of emails to your email program without retyping them.  While this may seem less direct than an address book directly in an email program, it makes emaddy2 very universal and also easily portable.  One book - that can be used for most windows programs - and even for multiple email programs.

Portable?  Travel? - Yes.  While many contact books are useable only one place, emaddy2 is versatile.  rpsoft 2000 software licenses are on a "per user" basis.  Therefore if you have a desktop computer, but then also travel with a portable, load emaddy2 on both.  Then when you travel, merely copy the database data (about 1 megabyte - may be called "emaddy2.mdb" or a profile name) to your portable, and you are ready to go.  There are all of your contacts, calendar dates, tasks, and all of that.  When you return, copy the database file back to your desktop.  Done.  If you make a mistake and update both your desktop and portable at the same time and do not wish to lose updates, you can merge the databases.

More features:

  • A Main Screen (shown above) that gives quick access by icons to the other screens plus has some of the more commonly used contact manager items showing directly.  Those contact items (blue area) show major phone numbers, email address and even address.  Buttons allow you to quickly pick any one of 7 categories fast (of 18 total categories for contacts).  Then highlight the contact to see the information.
  • A contact detail screen that allows you to add or edit up to about 60 different items for each contact, including email, phone, fax and address for both home and business, company information, birthday, anniversary, and even a section if there is a next meeting required and you wish to be alerted.
  • A membank (memory bank) screen that can store passwords, user names, urls and info for usage.  This memory bank is also fairly universal for text storage.  Some of the storage has multi-line capability for reasonable multi-line usage.
  • A calendar screen that can display appointments for today or for the whole month.  The main calendar screen can also display birthdates and / or next meeting dates for contacts as indicated on the contact detail screen.  Of course, there is a detail section for calendar data.
  • A task screen that can show tasks under multiple "owners" and dates.  Even if there is only one of you, you can group "owners" by business, home, groceries or most any category that you wish.  Then just display the "owner" information you are reviewing.  And yes, there is a task detail screen.
  • An alarm screen that can be triggered from either calendar appointments or tasks.  It also has a snooze alarm and can also display several items at once.
  • Create and store signatures that you may use often; the software can help you set these up.  These signatures then can be available on the main screen for rapid usage.
  • Create often used return addresses - similar to the method of the signature feature indicated above.
  • Import and Export capabilities that can export to or import from tab-delimitated data text files as might be needed for outlook or another database or spreadsheet file.
  • Reports - make up your own "templates" to create reports to output some of the contact data or other data for just the information that you wish.
  • Merge capabilities that allow you to merge two of these same types of databases - for just the data types that you wish.
  • A find routine that works with the main screen for contacts, membank, calendar and tasks.  The find routine for contact data on the main screen is even easier.  Just highlight the ,left hand list screen and then start typing.
  • Profiles - a profile startup screen that can allow you to have multiple profiles (up to 10 total) for either yourself or if you obtain more licenses, for an office up to 10.  These profiles are in reality separate databases, where you can decide which information is common and which is unique.  When you wish to update and refresh the common areas, use "merge" above with the database you wish to refresh with.
  • Mail merge - use report capabilities to setup mail merge for Microsoft Word or a similar word processing software program
  • Licenses for additional users for this software available from www.rpsoft2000.com.

emaddy2 usage guide


Screen Sizes:


This program will not play well on a screen set to 480 x 640 pixels.  Any reasonable setting at or higher than 600 x 800 will be fine, including, 600 x 800, 1024 by 768, and reasonable screen settings even higher.


Like all complex data base programs, some learning is required.  Both "Quick Help" and a more extensive "Help" screen are provided.  New entries for most of the database types do require usage of pressing an "Add New" button before entry and "Save" when done.  Unique names are required for most of the databases to ensure both ease of find and merge of the same entries.  Testing of the program has been done for hundreds of contacts and hundreds of membank items at the same time.  Calendar and task screens are limiting to displaying 200 unique items at one time.  Much of this information is all included in "Quick Help" and in the more extensive "Help" screen along with much more information.



A powerful medium sized database manager that is quite versatile.  Some learning is involved, but at our software business, we already are very excited by how useful it can beat a very low price for database software.


Readme.txt and help included.

Click here for usage information.






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