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It it simply my belief after experimenting, that now that digital cameras and digital phones are becoming so popular, that their greater quality and larger memory size will make one picture at a time the best alternative.  And yes, I have used other photo programs.  Once upon a time I even liked them - until photos got better with more memory.  I even did a few programs with thumbnails as some others did, even if I never offered those programs for sale.   For my taste, thumbnails only work for low resolution images, and since much on the internet is low resolution low memory for fast loading, they might still work.

But I found as soon as photos got larger with more memory, the thumbnail photo programs grew awful.  One program even refused to work until it scanned your whole computer and listed every photo you have.  And what if your photos change tomorrow since you download your phone to your computer?  Then it goes off again into a corner?

This program simply deals with what you have. .. now.  If you point it at a directory that has photos in it, like jpgs, and then start it up, it will just look for whatever photos are in that directory - right now.  What if you have jpg photos mixed in with txt files and doc files and other things?  The program is smart enough to skip over the non photos in that directory, and just show the legitimate ones.  What if a photo looks legitimate but seems corrupted?  Then this program will try to load it, but instead will show an image that it could not display it.  And yes there is a chance that another photo program could show that same picture that this program found problems with - but not usually - at least for our findings.

For our tastes, this has become the only photo viewer that we use now.


We thought about this one and still do think about it.  We decided not to have file manager running in your background slowing you down if you are doing other work.  Also an auto update can get in the way if it goes into operation at just the wrong time for you.  So, yes, if something else changes something - adds a drive or changes a file external to this program - then you need to press the f5 key to refresh.  For changes that you do using this program, in most cases, we hope all  :) , it will do a refresh to show you the new values.


This we covered another place as well.  Early in our testing we found "drag and drop" more error prone than using the ctrl c (or just c), ctrl x (or just x) for copy and move and ctrl v (or just v) for paste.  The reason it seems to us is that drag and drop combines two items in the same motion - the finding of where to place the items and then dropping them.  For our own tastes, we find too often that is too easy to mess up.  At times our finger may move just the slightest and we copied or moved the item to the wrong place.  Using the ctrl c and so on method, forces this to be more deliberate - in two steps.  While that seems just a bit more work, we find it ourselves to be less error prone.  After highlighting the files, one then uses ctrl c (or just c) to designate we wish to copy them or ctrl x (or just x) that we wish to move them.  But two steps now follow.  The first is to highlight the area where they are to go.  And you get to decide if that is correct or not before using ctrl v (or just v) to paste them.  That for our tastes makes it more deliberate.  Now you very well may be different than us.  But we make errors some days with drag and drop and much fewer ones using the method here.



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