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Windows:  XP, Vista,  and Windows 7

  rpsoft2000 File COPY /PASTE Example  


There are a number of ways you can copy and paste or move and paste.  We will just take one example where we wish to move one subdirectory and several files at the same time to the right side of our file manager, to a different sub directory called "a".

1.  First Highlight the Files and Sub Directories that you wish.  In this case we do so in the file list area (larger area) on the left hand side.  Note that the file list area can move multiple items at once while directory areas (less wide area to its left) can only move one directory at once.

2.  Okay, now we must decide to copy or to move these files.  We decide to copy them to another location.  At this point, we could use "ctrl c" but since we are lazy, we just use "c".  Then we get the next photo.  What you do see in this photo is that the send area just turned yellow to tell you what is going on.  What you do not see in this image is that the cursor changed and now says "COPY'.  If you wanted move instead of copy, this would be a good time to abort and press the "esc" key and get out of this.  But we did want copy.

3.  Now we need to tell the program and the computer where we wish to copy these files.  And so we look on the right and highlight the directory called "a".  Note that area now turns a light red, almost a pink, to show where the files will go.  But the files are not sent on their way yet.  Oh no.... not until you approve of what you see.

4.  Decision time.  You can now see where the highlighted files are going from, in the yellow area, and you see the area that they are going to on the right in the light red area, and furthermore you see the folder "a" highlighted in that light red area so you know that is the folder they are going to.  If you like what you see press "ctrl v" or just "v" as we do to finish the copy.  Then if you are quite rapid in your eye sight for this one case you will see the transition below - where the area turns green where it is going to and a progress bar shows the progress.  In this case the copy was so fast, I could not see it with my naked eye - which only saw a blink - but instead I used a fast computer camera to get the below image which my eye did not see.

5.  Of course, if the files were large or if there were many of them, the transition time would definitely be slow enough for me to see the transition.  But in this case, only the camera saw the above photo.  When done we decided to in fact look into the "a" directory to see if the files were copied.  The were.


If you are doing a long move and only move a single directory item, you will not see a progress bar.  That is because the progress bar is simplistic and only looks at how many items are done out of how many to do.  The problem is then that the program is taking much time and you do not know where you are at.  Time to get a soft drink or something.  Another way of doing that - moving a large directory - is to first create the new directory in the location where you want it without the files.  Then highlight the large number of files you wish to copy and then paste them to that new folder that you just created.  In that way, you are copying more than one file, and hence, you should see a progress bar.




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