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Display Usage

Windows:  XP, Vista,  and Windows 7

  rpsoft2000 File Manager DISPLAY USAGE  
  To Begin Display Usage, first highlight a jpg or jpeg or bmp file in a directory you are looking at, as shown below:  



  Next, with that file highlighted then press "d" on your keyboard for display.  Wait a few seconds to see the image on the right side  

  Next, if you want it larger and on both sides, press "l" (small L) on your keyboard to make it larger  

  Of course the program knows where you are in the directory.  To go to the next file or the previous one, press the key (do not use shift) that has "<" on it for going backwards in the directory, or ">" to move forward in the directory manually, to the next valid file that it can display.  

  Okay, now you can go automatic if you press "a".  But if you forget the display commands, at any time just press a key you know that is not accurate in display mode, such as the zero key "0" - and then you will be given the display hot key menu as below on top of your images.  

  Want Out? you can press "l" again (small L) to go back to images just on the right hand side, or you can press escape to just go back to normal file view with no images displayed.  



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