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Windows:  XP, Vista,  and Windows 7

  rpsoft2000 File Manager GENERAL FEATURES  


I personally like and use this program all of the time.  Some days I think the general features and cautions are almost the same.  It is a fast no nonsense program - at least for my tastes.  It seems a "bit person's" program.  By that I mean, yes "delete" in this program really does not mean delete and not "recycle".  And if you copy over a file to a new area that has the same file name it will just copy over the old file and not ask you again.  While some may find this worrisome, some others of us just seem to be annoyed being asked several times if "we really want to do this".  Some of us get tired of emptying the trash twice and answering the same question.  Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  As for safety, if one saw the 155 number or higher number (perhaps in the future) of the download they might guess correctly that this is the 155th version of this software during our writing and testing.  Yes.  But even with the earlier versions, I never deleted a file that I regretted.  And so at least for people like me, I like the idea of doing things once.  I am hoping some others feel that way as well.  And yes, that does put safety solely in the hands of the person doing the work.


Sub-directories in the file list area begin with "*_".  It is simply a fast way to tell them apart and also to speed up your program.  We are hoping you are okay with that.  As I recall one of those items, the "*" most likely,  is illegal to use as part of a file name anyway, so there should be no issues with confusion with real file names.


You also could ask why we chose to use the ctrl c or just c for copy, and ctrl x or just x for move and ctrl v or just v for paste instead of dragging and dropping.  Well, that was also something of a personal choice.  While there are moments that I do like drag and drop, that is where I personally get into trouble.  Unless you are very deliberate. sometimes I find my hand moves when I am "dropping" the item and then I do not know where it went.  Honest.  And where it went was into a folder perhaps near the one I wanted, but not the right one.  There have been times when I had to look for a long while to find where it went.  I do not have this problem with this program since the functions are distinct.  Picking the place and dropping here are two different functions.  Therefore one can look at where they said to "drop", and if it is wrong, then just use the "esc" escape key to abort it.  With it being a separate function, I myself seem to not make as many mistakes as with drag and drop.  And hence that is the reason for ctrl c or c and so on instead of drag and drop.  Too many errors early on in the program writing, and really pretty much none after we made the change.  In order to copy or move then, here are the steps.  While they seem like a few, they can also go fast.  But as I say here, you usually do get a visual check before the final "go do it".

  1. Highlight the single directory on the left most column on each side, or one or more files and subdirectories in the more right column on each side.  And yes, you can use "ctrl" to add or subtract items from your highlight list and or "shift" to highlight a range by highlighting the top first, and then shift highlight the bottom of a range.  Not that for a file list area - the larger area on the right, that left clicking and "ctrl a" will highlight all.
  2. When you have highlighted the correct files, then use "ctrl c" or just "c" to copy, or "ctrl x" or just "x" to set up a move.  Note that the area you are copying or moving from turns yellow.
  3. Note that the cursor has now changed to "copy" or "move" to show you its intentions.  If any time before the end, you do not like what you see, press escape "esc" to end this transaction and start over.
  4. Then go over to the directory where you want this stuff copied or moved.  You can either choose a directory single line item, or if you wish to go to the general directory on the other side (if 2 areas being shown) you can just go over a file.  When you have the right place, left click to highlight the place where it is going.  That area should turn a very light red, almost a pink.
  5. Now, final decision time.  Just use "ctrl v" or just "v" to transfer it.  If the transfer takes a while, the area receiving the items will go green in color.  If multiple items are moving that take some time, you might see a progress bar.


Yes, other people have done file managers.  I find that no file manager has all of the features, and no file manager has none of the features.  So it becomes a question of taste.  Since I myself have used file managers for over 10 years, I put into this one the features that I value - such as storing file locations I often want to get to fast, and program startup, file associate startup, and the picture display that I like the best.  What is mostly missing are things I thought just got in the way.  Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Honestly, when I have to use a different file manager now, I just really do not like them.  This one for me is fast and no nonsense and for my tastes has the important stuff well.  But again, that is a matter of tastes.  And after using this program for months before selling it, I added the things I felt it was missing.  What was the last item added?  I improved the sort routine and also ensured that it stayed active even if you change directories.  I found that was something I wanted.  Then I added the sort identifier in the label above the file list area, such as "AL" for alphabetical, beginning with the lowest value first "L" - which is the normal setting, or AH or DH or DL or SH or SL or EH or EL for dates, size or extension sorting high and low.  I truly hope you enjoy this program.



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