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Windows:  XP, Vista,  and Windows 7

  rpsoft2000 File Manager SOFTWARE PROGRAM  

shows 1 area or 2 areas side by side

View, File Copy or Move,
Photo Display (jpg), Program
Startup, File Startup (Associate)

System Data / Requirements

Windows Systems: XP,Vista, 7
Ram Used: 6.4 MB
Hard Drive Space: 4 MB
Min. Display Size  600 x 800
File Size for Download 4.0 MB


In Picture Display Mode

Can display ".jpg", ".jpeg", ".bmp" files and a few others.  It can show then almost full screen as you can see on the left.  You can go between photos in the same directory one or a time, or automatically and set a timer for 1 to 9 seconds.

  rpfilemgr SOFTWARE PROGRAM  


  • Copy or Move Directories one at a time, or multiple files and subdirectories within one directory all at once.  Uses "ctrl c" (or just "c") and "ctrl x" or just "x" for what to copy or move and "ctrl v" or just "v" for paste - after highlighting the file(s) of interest of course.  And yes, within a directory, you can copy or move both sub-directories and files both at the same time.  Sub-Directories are shown here beginning with "*_"
  • Can Display ".jpg", ".jpeg", ".bmp" files and a few others one a time almost full screen, either manual change or automatic change from 1 to 9 seconds between change.  You can also rename the photo names.
  • Start a program up either of two ways from this program.  Either double clip on an exe or other file in the file system or use the top bar which can store up to 30 favorite programs of yours and their icons for quick one button press start
  • Start a file and program by using "Associate".  Example - double click on a ".doc" file in memory and if your computer is set up to list Microsoft Word for use of doc files, the program will startup Microsoft Word with the ".doc" file you double clicked on.
  • Sort the file list areas - the larger of the two areas on each side - any of 8 ways - alphabetical, reverse alphabetical, or date, size or extension either by low first or high value first.  It will remember that selection until you change it.  The program begins in alphabetical - of course.
  • You can also sort the file list areas (larger areas each side) by picking a choice of extension to filter it within the drop down box above that area - such as ".rtf", ".txt" or the like, or just type in one that is not stored there.
  • You can store 5 or 10 maybe of your most popular file places to go on each of the two file areas - and they will show up in a drop down box.
  • You of course can save settings of size and your popular file locations to go.
  • Can do some "zip" file work to either zip file groupings or unzip them ... at least if they follow this popular zip method we used.
  • Extensive on board help file is included, as it is normally with our programs
  • Change screen size and shape - or even go full screen.  Press "2" on upper left to go to one file area and it becomes "1" in that corner.  Click it to go back to "2" and to display two file areas.  Change drive you are looking at for each file area with drop down file.  Use "f5" key to update.


It cannot rotate jpg display images, and it cannot setup "associate" to tell the computer which file type works with which program. These two items can be done by your operating system usually - when we have checked ours.   Some features are limited to 32,000 files per directory, and file names with 4 or more blanks in a row in the title will be trouble.  While it can normally see immediately drives on your computers or USB thumb drives that you attach or have attached, but some external drive links if lost will need your normal operating system to reconnect.  Also to save your computer speed, this program does not look for updates running in the background.  So then if you change a file or a drive - usually by other means - you will need to press f5 (refresh) to see the new drive or file changes.  It will not show hidden or system directories.  However, with settings each run time you can set it to show hidden or system files within directories that are not hidden from you.  There may be more .. these are the ones that come to mind.


Note:  delete really means "delete" and not "recycle".  Copy really does copy over without asking you a second time.

Any program that can change or move files can be damaging if not used properly.  We suggest as always that you do regular backups for safety and also that you first practice with this program in a safe area until you are comfortable with how it works.  We have had no problems ourselves with it.  But we admit that we are careful in what areas of the computer that we use it.


General Features and Cautions Tips for Faster Usage
Display Usage Zip Files
Why Choices? Program Start Bar
Desktop & Documents Creating Shortcuts
Program Startup Methods COPY/PASTE Example
Troubleshooting You are the Boss


This has rapidly become personally our most used program.  For our needs, since it can save common locations to use, it is the fastest we have found to get where we wish to go.  We also love the photo display, and the program start up and file startup with associate.



available for download



$ 12.95   Download It Now from The Virtual Software Store using Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, a USA-based checking account, prepaid InternetCash(tm) Cards or your Microsoft Passport wallet. Immediately download and install it on your computer. Offline payment options also available.


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