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Windows:  XP, Vista,  and Windows 7

  rpsoft2000 File PROGRAM STARTUP  

THREE WAYS TO START PROGRAMS UP with rpsoft2000 File Manager:

  1. You can set up some of your favorite programs in the top Program Start Bar (click here for more info)
  2. You can simply use file manager to look into your computer memory for exe files or the life and double click them
  3. You can use "associate" (huh?) by just double clicking a file such as a text file or photo and your computer will try to start up a good program to see it, and then have it use the file you want it to use

The "ASSOCIATE" thing

Perhaps the first two items are more easy to understand then the last item.  What is "associate"? you ask?  Well, your windows operating system has much power.  One of its powers is that instead of starting up a program, you can try to start up a file instead by double clicking it.  Then not only does the file start up ... the text file or photo file or whatever you chose - the computer also looks for a program to "associate" with it that should start up and run this file.  Neat.  Let us say for example that you choose a photo file, such as a jpg file and double click on it using file manager.  Then the computer will try to find what photo program it thinks you like the best, start it up displaying the photo you just clicked on.

And so yes, the rpsoft 2000 file manager does offer that.  Double click on a file - a doc, a txt file, a pdf file, you choose, and if the computer can figure it out, it will start up both the program and file for you.

What if you want a different program to startup those kind of files?

Then you will need to change your computer's preferences it is using for "associate" - where associate means what file type to associate with what program.  File manager cannot change associate for you.  But you can change it by going to Windows MyComputer.  Now Windows of course can change how they do things.  This is how we can do it on the computer we are using.

  • Startup "MyComputer" or just "computer"
  • click on the c drive or wherever your files are stored
  • Find an example of the type of file you wish to change "associate" on, such as one ending in "txt"
  • Highlight the file and right click it for options.
  • Find the selection that says "open with" or something similar
  • Move your mouse to the right and find "choose default program" or something similar
  • Now you should be able to set what program is given preference for startup on that file extension type - such as txt or doc, or rtf, or jpg or the like



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