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Creating Shortcuts

Windows:  XP, Vista,  and Windows 7

  rpsoft2000 File CREATING SHORTCUTS  

HOW TO CREATE A SHORTCUT for easy program access?

First of course, one needs to locate the exe file (or similar extension ending) of the program you wish to create a shortcut for.  Let us take the case where this program wishes to create a shortcut for itself.  On this computer I am currently using, this program, rpflemgr, is stored on the C drive in the folder: "C:\Program Files (x86)".  I then would find the file name in that folder, and then right click it using the same File Manager program that I am running in order to get a menu of options.

Then when I select the choice of "Create Shortcut", I then would see the following choices:

If you choose "Yes", then the file manager program will try to put the shortcut on the desktop right away for you.  And yes, I have seen a few seconds delay once, and I am not certain why.  Perhaps windows was busy.  If you choose "No" then the shortcut will appear in the same folder where your program currently is.  And of course, if your computer can find the desktop and shows it as a fast access location in the white folder box above, you could even move the shortcut manually to the desktop yourself.

What if this program cannot find the desktop location on your computer?

We have no quick answer for that one.  In order to get a shortcut there, you could create one first to the same folder using a "No" choice, and then try using your computer's "MyComputer" to try and move it to the desktop.  Or you could try yourself to find where on your computer the desktop information is stored.  So far, we have no had this problem, but we are aware that Microsoft of course can change things in the future, or even on different models.





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