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Windows:  XP, Vista,  and Windows 7

  rpsoft2000 File Manager TROUBLESHOOTING  


This operation Blocked - Yes, I have seen that too.  While our program may try to tell you what the errors are, we do not on purpose cause errors.  Sometimes when you see this, Windows thinks another program is controlling a file and does not give you the right to modify it.  And sometimes, even we think Windows is wrong. .. ha ha.  But Windows gets to judge.  Sometimes if you just try again, magically now Windows is fine allowing you.  And of course, that makes no sense.  But there are times when you can find the other program that is causing this, and shut it off temporarily.  I have also seen days when Ic can find no other program and Windows is still preventing an operation.  What to do?  Well, you can restart this program if Windows thinks this program is using a file and therefore will not let the same program use it.  Or in odd cases, sometimes you even have to restart your computer.  Sorry.  Windows permissions are meant to protect you, the computer owner, and some days, yes, they are more than a bit zealous.

FILE LOADS WRONG or JUST DOES NOT WORK - File names should not have a series a blanks in a row in their name longer than 3 in a row.  More than that is trouble since this program looks for a long series of blanks for some operations.

ILLEGAL OPERATIONS - There can be some illegal operations that this program will not catch but windows will.  One of them I could call the "mobias strip syndrome" - or "the incredible file system that eats itself".  And what do I mean by that?  Let us say for example, you wished to take an upper folder, and then copy it to a subdirectory inside of itself.  You see, it is logically impossible.  You cannot be a large item that contains a small item inside that smaller item.  It would just loop and do it forever.  Well, as I recall windows grows angry at that kind of thing, but I admit I do not recall what it does.




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