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You Are the Boss

Windows:  XP, Vista,  and Windows 7

  rpsoft2000 File Manager You are the Boss  


DELETE and COPY OVER - As we mention other places, in this program, "delete" really means "delete" and not "recycle", and "copy" means "copy over silently" if another program where it is going has the same exact name.  Now for some of us, like me, I would prefer that.  When you tell a program to do something, it's asking you a few times "if you really mean it" can get tiring to some of us.   ... but there is more

CHANGING EXTENSIONS - Some programs that allow file renaming just refuse to allow you to change the extension name of a file.  In this program, we say "You da Boss".  If you are smart enough to know what you are doing, we will not stop you.  For example we have seen some text files used by some programs that do not always end in ".txt" but perhaps others.  For example, some of the option files for this program end in ".txt" and are in fact simple text files.  But since this program controls the load, we could have invented any extension name we wanted - even though it really is the exact same as a txt file.  Anyway, you get to decide if changing extensions are a good idea.  We do not judge ..

SINGLE USER - NOT SINGLE COMPUTER - If you decide you like this program and not only want it on your desktop, but also your laptop, go ahead.  It is single user not single computer.  If you have sole use of a work computer and admin privileges to load things and want this program there ... go ahead.  If your computer gets old and you buy a new one and want this program on it, go ahead and try.  It will depend of course on new operating systems and what they honor from the past and what they do not.  But for single user usage - you are the boss.  Of course though we do ask for you to honor the copyright and not give this program to others.  Thanks ahead of time on that.



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