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Windows:  XP, Windows 7,8

  rpsoft2000 FileManager2b SOFTWARE PROGRAM  
filemanager2b screen image   filemanager2

This program is done in a newer vb2010 language and so we were able to add some more features to it.  It in fact is the program that we most often use ourselves.  It is  indeed a file manager that can view, rename files and directories, copy or move them, or also delete them.  However, it is also a picture viewer as shown below.

It can do two file areas at once, as shown here, but by clicking the "2" button high on the far left to "1" can expand just a single screen in the event you wish to view longer file names easier.

filemanager2b photo mode


In Picture Display Mode

At left is the program in picture display mode.  It can do either a picture using half of the area of the viewer (right half) and allow a left most file listing, or it can use the whole lower file area and come close to full screen.

The sample of course is a screenshot of my own computer start up screen.

  rpsoft2000 software filemanager2b SOFTWARE PROGRAM  
Some Applications that I use this Software Program for



  • Number of Files per Directory:  Slows at over 800 (my opinion).  Sort and photo display will only handle 25,000 max
  • Number of Directories for Recursive "Sync" Operations:  25,000
  • Images it Can Display:  .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .gif, .tif, .png, .ico, .wmf. .cur, .emf, .dib
  • Optional Quick Start up Icons (on top) - 30 maximum
  • Custom Saved Directory Paths for drop down boxes - Max is 100 each side.  We suggest more like 10 or so.



  • PROGRAM RIGHTS - Downloading or usage of this program means that the user agrees that all public distribution rights remain solely with the owner of rpsoft2000 software, and that any public distribution without permission is an infringement on the rights of the owner.  Feel free, however, if you like this program, to give others the link to www.rpsoft2000.com software.
  • USER THE ONLY REAL SAFETY - A File Manager can delete, rename or move files meaning that the wrong usage can do harm.  The only real safety is the user themselves to ensure backups of important data and also to practice this software in a safe area at first.
  • DELETE means DELETE - and not recycle.  You may get a message asking if you are sure, but delete means delete
  • COPY and MOVE - to a new directory will copy over any file with the same name silently without asking.  For directories, it depends on the file names inside.  If a directory has files of the same name as the directory you are copying, they will be over written.
  • Please also review the above specifications for software program limits


  • Written using Windows 7 operating system, and all verified there
  • Windows 8 - seemed to run fine on Windows 8 for a quick battery of tests.  During load it did ask me to remove an earlier version of filemanager2 that I had loaded on for testing before it would load the new version.  That was easy.  I used Control Panel and "uninstall."
  • XP - ran fine except for a few pictures that seemed to jam it.  Normal sized jpg seemed fine.  It jammed on one gif but showed others, and did have an issue with a bad jpg that seemed to have other issues.  The software has error recovery at that point and should normally just show a screen that says unknown error instead of the picture, but in this case, XP, the program had to be restarted.  Most else seemed fine after restart.


  • Has 2 file sides as an option.  Can do copy, move, rename and delete of files and directories.  After highlighting, it uses "c" for copy, "x" for move, and "v" for paste - following the norms of ctrl c means copy, ctrl x means move, and ctrl v means paste - but without the control key
  • File Sort - Click the above column headers to sort.  Click again to reverse.  Only files sort, not directories.
  • Can do drag copy (alt key first)  to some external items (but not all) - desktop and windows explorer and iTunes, but not a Samsung cell phone?
  • Can do photo display for files within the same directory and allow manual advance, or can auto display any time from 1 to 9 seconds.  It should ignore non picture files, but you must start out highlighting a valid picture file and then press "d" for display.  Then "l" (small L) for "large" toggles between half screen bottom and full screen bottom.
  • For photos, can display or rename.  If you right mouse click, it can rotate (90 degree increments), flip, delete, or change to .jpg.  For some features, you need more than one photo in the directory to work.  Change to .jpg can be done in the file area to several at once.  It does not delete the old.
  • Can do some zip files if placed in a folder, or unzip them to a folder.  The zip file here for download was done with this program.
  • Double Clicking allows fast startup of programs in the file area, or fast startup of files using "associate" in the file area to begin the program first that it needs
  • Allows customization of favorite directory areas including external usb or network areas ... and allows "Save Settings Now" to save them
  • Has an optional fast program icon area where you can load up to 30 favorite program icons for rapid one button startup.
  • Help Files - 9 subjects included under "Help" drop down menu.  Most have an image to show usage
  • Some added features as "same directory as other side" and f2 = show available drives, sizes and free area


Filemanager2a adds "Sync" drop down files on the program top to provide 8 different kinds of synchronized backup depending on your choice.  While normal program copy and move will write over any file of the same name regardless of size and date, the Sync operations include more options - but will not, however, write over any file with the same name and same exact size. 

Four options include designating a left master side and a changing right side for copy, and also for a more dramatic "Make the Same" for either files only or also including subdirectories.  The last four "Sync" items use the last "write date" to decide whether to copy files and subdirectories from left to right or both ways.  More "Sync" Information Here.


Filemanager2b adds bulk filename changes that can change names within a directory or even nested sub directories.  These options are mostly under the pull down option at the program top called "Filenames."    One interesting application is for family photos.  A digital camera or phone camera can take pictures but might call the photos something like:  "P1254839H2" - something not very helpful.  But let us say that you have a directory of photos from a Birthday Party for Maria in 2015?  You can use "Make Sequence" to rename the photos to something like:  "Birthday 0004 Maria 2015" where the next in series would have a similar name but of course 0005 as the system auto numbers for you.  Now the titles at least have the event on them.  There are more options for making a directory of file names all small letters, or capitals, or title case, or a prefix before the name or a suffix after.  And then there is a find and replace option for characters within file names.  And there is more.

Filemanager2b also changes to a more improved sub directory handling system, making "Sync" that came out in 2a more smooth and more error free.  Also some safeties were added for convenience. Filemanager2b in version 196 also adds directory sort for drives that do not have automatic alphabetical sort. Directory sort and file sort are kept separate with directories on top.

USER AREA LIMITATION - This particular software language will load into the "user" area of your computer and not into the program area.  We ourselves found this only to be an issue at startup, but of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

SUGGESTION - widen it a bit - if your screen can

The information on this software now exceeds my keeping the width at 1000 pixels to cover most all screens. If your screen is wider, pull it even just a bit wider to get rid of scrollbars across the bottom. Then when you "save settings now" - it will remember those settings.

Recovering Personalized Option Files on a Program Reload

Troubleshooting Tips - If you See an Issue
(note:  we will try and keep this page up to date if we can.  Your help files may or may not have up to date issues)



Programmer Agrees:  That there is no internet checking, adware, spyware, viruses or other malware associated with this download given here that were placed in there by the programmer.  Only the standard Microsoft packaging of program and needed resources was used.  And yes, the programmer also controls this website.

User Agrees Before Downloading: That they have read and understand the above cautions and rights and agree.  They also understand that a file manager program is only as safe as the user decisions.  They understand that the only true safety is to do good backups at all times and caution when doing changes.

IMPORTANT DOWNLOAD NOTE:  Mozilla Firefox downloaded this easily.  Chrome issued a warning and I had to go to the bottom left screen, then find a far right arrow on their warning to open up options, and choose "keep." in order for it not to discard the file.  Dang programmers!  :)

Loading Note2:  I now find it best to just get rid of the old program - if you have loaded an earlier version of this before.  That will generally create a new icon (2 way arrows with a red border) and listing for you under programs.  To eliminate the old, just go to your control panel and look for uninstall, and then the program "rpsoft 2000 sfilemanager2b" or "filemanager2b" by rpsoft 2000 publisher, or sfilemanager2a or similar.  Then load the new version and you should get an icon.  :)  Because of this, this will be the only loading instructions given for this file.  You should get an icon if you eliminate any old versions of this program.  But yes, version 2b or 2a may be seen as a different software program by your computer than filemanager2 and you have both loaded.  However, the icon will be the same.  The 2b new version though will say "2b" on the top header after File Manager and will show the new "Sync" and "Filenames" drop down options at page top.


  I Agree !  Download the Zip File (3.9 Mg)- Right Click to Download  
Note:  I truly hope that you enjoy this program.  It is by far, the program that I use the most often.