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Reading PDF Files
When we say it reads PDF files, we really mean text data from PDF files that are saved to clipboard. Huh? Well, you would just highlight a single data section but not the wording before or after the data. And when it is highlighted press ctrl+c to send it to the computer clipboard. And then this software when you press "NEW PDF" or "ADD PDF" takes the information from the computer clipboard and tried to decode it in separate lines of data with dates, descriptions, amounts, and perhaps check number. How does this work with a PDF file? Well, basically, there are two types of PDF files if not more. The two types I am referring to here is a file where almost the whole PDF is a single image. That we cannot decode. But often banks will use PDF text files... in all 4 cases that we tested this on - and that information when highlighted can send all or most of the data text to the computer clipboard where software like this one can load it.

Steps 1 to 5: PDF left and Program Right    Step 6: Quicken left and Program right
PDF bank file and thie Proigram  Quicken and this program 

USING BANK PDF to THIS PROGRAM to QUICKEN example (note that if your screen is not this large, do the best you can.)

1.First, download the bank statements and put them in the same folder for each bank on your computer
2.Open one at a time. I just use the Microsoft PDF reader to read it. Adobe PDF or others should also work.
3.I also ensure that this software program is running and set to the correct year I am working on
4.I highlight just one group on a single page of the PDF text that contains continuous data with numbers and descriptions and not just verbiage, but data I will wish to transfer. Then I press ctrl +c to copy it to my clipboard. Use “add” if you wish for more data to add. I usually only do about 40 items at once in the same block, even though 200 can be done. CAUTION:  Sometimes checks are shown separately and only separately. Sometimes they are shown again in the general groupings and are listed twice. Careful to not put them in twice to your database final program of Quicken or other.
5.Then I go to this program and click “New PDF” to load it. Then I examine it, looking for blanks or errors or red comments in front and comparing that to the PDF bank original that I also have on my screen. I correct as needed, with f2 key when needed, or by adding a category by using the down arrow on the category text box to find the one I want. If the one I want is there, I click that to showing. If not, I enter an expense category by looking it up externally.
6.When all is checked out and edited and I have no more blank categories areas, then I bring up Quicken. I click one button at a time to insert data. As I say above, if I need to change the date in Quicken, I highlight the data before pasting in the new item with ctrl +v. If the date is good, I still click the date button on that line in this program to yellow to indicate current line. Note that line indicators that start green only change to yellow when clicking the date. They then will turn red if you then click a different date, showing you are done with the last line which had been yellow.