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Dictionary Hints
RTF Composer

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Hints for Using Dictionaries

Three different dictionaries may be included:

1. Our Own: "Fix Some Spell Errors" under "Convert"
2. British/American Spelling: Under "Convert." Two directions
3. Possible Microsoft Spelling and Grammar if you have Microsoft Office on your computer. Begins with f7 key and is also under "Edit"

Best to Review Changes Suggested
The author will always be smarter than the software, especially on grammar changes instead of spelling. The author knows the intention of the written words, and also can look forward and back to see the structure. Software makes assumptions on fewer things it sees, and can be in error. Yes, I find grammar checks a great help, but yes, there are times that they are wrong. Best to ask and verify.

Suggest for Dictionary 1, "Fix Some Spell Errors", Use Single Spacing
When I was young, we were taught two spaces at the end of sentences and also after semicolons. Now I understand the new thinking is one space. The reason, I am told, is that in the early days for typesetters that spaces were small, and so they had to use two of them to make a decent sized blank space between sentences. Oddly, I was a typesetter as a part time high school job. The metal spaces were different sizes. But some were in fact quite small. But the real issue perhaps is that, if you are given a choice, single spacing can lead to less chance of error by software or by ourselves. Of course, for example, the software checks for Mr. and Ms. and Mrs. and Dr. and etc. and more to try to ensure only a single space, but what other case might there be? Also the software makes no decision if a number or letter follows a period since it could be ".doc" or a dot com, or a numerical fraction. There are so many possible errors if a number or letter follows a period, that our software just ignore it at all. Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I love dictionary 1. Just be careful if you have an odd abbreviation to look over the changes afterwards to ensure that all is well. And yes, as this paragraph suggest, I do suggest using the new method of single spacing after sentences. It can lead to fewer issues as well as being more modern.

British/American Spelling
Like the dictionary above, this one also can be in error at times. The possibility for its errors can be that sometimes words have more than one meaning. And while this is just a dictionary and does not look at sentence structure, I recommend that you do look at sentence structure before making a change. Also at times an author may be looking for an effect and purposely may wish a different spelling. The software can give a quick opinion, therefore, but it can be wrong. We suggest you allow ask and verify to be certain that you agree. How were these words sourced? Some online internet references gave opinions of common spell errors between the two countries. We often just went with their opinions and simply loaded the words. Over 1800 word pairs.

the f7 Microsoft Full Grammar Spell Checker - MAY HIDE ON YOU
Again, this dictionary likely will only work if you have Microsoft Office installed on your computer. This dictionary, unlike the two above, is not inherent in our own software, but is a borrow request from our software to your computer. If it does work, this spell checker oddly often operates in the back of your other open programs. You may have to minimize some windows using the "-" in the upper right hand corner in order to see the spell checker behind it all.

Consider the Yes or No on the Microsoft Spell Checker
If you have no formatting, and are just typing text with no font type or size or bold or italics or color changes or pictures, then choose the "No" option. If you have font type changes or sizes or bold or italics or color or pictures, use the "Yes option." If there is no formatting, the "No" option works better since it is not put away but keeps running. As such I have noted that it adjusts to learning your previous choices and remembers things better. So "No" is the best if you are only doing text and not formatted text.



But most of all .. have fun with this program.


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