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Windows:  XP, Windows 7,8, 10

  rpsoft2000 File Titler Software Program  
file titler   File Titler

DESCRIPTION - We admit that this is a simple program, but for the right person, at the right time, it might eliminate some drudgery. It can help name files one at a time and then pressing "next" can go to the next number. Let us try an example. Perhaps a friend of yours put New Years Party 2019 photos on a social media site you could reach. Perhaps you wish some of them, but not others. You would in this program perhaps write over "item" as now"New Years 2019". Then see if you wish to start the nubmering at 0000.
Next? press "Clipboard" and the first item, "New Years 2019  0000.jpg" is on the computer clipboard and you can name the file by pressing ctrl and v at the same time to paste it into the file name as you download. Next photo? just press "next" and the next number in sequence is ready for your usage.
  rpsoft2000 Software File Titler Software Program  
  Perhaps one of the most time saving devices on the Windows Computer is the computer clipboard. If you highlight a phrase and then press ctrl and c, you will copy it to the computer clipboard. And next ctrl and v will paste it to most other windows documents. This program takes advantage of that, but also stores the name you wish, and does sequencing to save you even more time. It is all about eliminating drudgery, no?  


Text boxes

  • "item" - The Name, san be changed to any name you wish, such as "New Years 2019", "25th Anniversary" or what you wish. Just type over the word "item" and delete what you do not want
  • "space" - Is the very next box to the right of the name, which begins as "item". It is just a separator befween the name and the number which begins as 2000. That separator begins as a blank space. However, the drop down box you see as an arrow can make it a hyphen -, underline_, or nothing at all. If you want something different, just write it in. But please ensure that it is a characeter than file systems agree with, since they do not agree with all characters
  • "0000" - The number to start with. Yes, you can write over that as well. What if you had already loaded 24 New Years picutres and now want to add more to that collection? No problem. Just write over this counter and start it at 0025. Then press clipboard to set up the first item to the clipboard. And the button above, reset to 0000, does just that.
  • "jpg" - this can be many things. A drop down box lets you change it to a text type phile, pdf, or some other picture fomast. Or just write over the jpg item with what you wish as a file ending.

Simple? We agree. But someday for the right drudgery issue, it might save a lot of typing.

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