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Windows:  XP, Windows 7,8, 10

  rpsoft2000 Icon Converter Software Program  
rpsoft 2000 icon converter   Icon Converter

DESCRIPTION - Allows you to load an image, likely bmp, png, or jpg (gif and tif also work) and then convert it to an icon size you wish - and then to save it.
 1. Step 1: Use the “File” drop down menu on the far left top and select to load a picture file, such as bmp, png, jpg, gif, tif, jpeg. Image shown in large area.  Best if the image is mostly square, since icons are square.
2. Step 2: Select icon size. “32, 32” is likely the most common. Icons will often resize their image if a program uses a different size. I use “128, 128” for large screen icons even though they shrink, and use “32, 32” for programs
3. Step 3: Press the “Convert to Icon” button with a left mouse click. In the upper right it will show an image of the icon created its size and quality. The main image will show the impact of size change (more blurry).
4. Step 4: Use “File” drop down menu to save the made icon to disk
5. Option: “Show Original” shows the original pic quality. Note that if you do two different icon sizes, the saved original quality is again used for the conversion.
  rpsoft2000 Software Icon Converter Software Program  

Click here to view some common applications (usage) and also for some hints on images/drawing packages



  • Convert to Icon - Does the real work.  After an image is loaded, clicking this button converts the image to an icon.  It will then show the resultant size (icon size you set before) and quality in the small image area.  It will show the effects of size reduction and quality loss on the main larger image as well, unless you then press the "Show Original" button
  • Show Original - After converting the original image to an icon, the larger image will also show how blurry the image really is at the smaller size.  Pressing this button with a left mouse click returns the original saved image.  Note that the saved original image is also returned briefly if you decide to "Convert to Icon" again, to ensure best picture quality.
  • Clear Picture - Optional - for the two picture images shown.  Will not erase the stored original image if used again.

Option Box  (arrow on far right allows drop down items inside that can be selected)

  • Icon Sizes - Should be set before pressing the button "Convert to Icon" since it tells the system what size and therefore what quality the image should be.  Size " 32,32" for an icon is likely its normal size for use with a program.  It is the value I use for programs.  I use " 128,128" for large screen icons even though the image size will be reduced by my screen.  Note that icon images will often try and change for size allowed by a program.  But of course, quality may not return if its size is increased.  " 16,16" seems to be in usage for some file managers, as our own filemanager2 that show icons next to file names.  "24, 24" is used by some programs for other usages.  Our filemanager2 uses " 24,24" for the optional program icons at top for fast startup.  Some other sizes are also provided as options in the drop down box.

Upper Drop Down Area Options

There are options under "File" for loading the original image. Picture types allowed are: jpg, jpeg, bmp. gif, tif, png, ico, wmf, cur, emf and dib.  We suggest using "png" type with transparency already inherent in the file if transparency is desired.   Under "File" of course is also the option to save the icon results.  Help includes a help file.  "Images" do the same as 2 buttons shown.


  • Picture Formats That Can be Loaded:  jpg, jpeg, bmp. gif, tif, png, ico, wmf, cur, emf and dib.  Note that there is an option for "Loading from Clipboard" also, that might allow you to save to clipboard an even different file type done in another program.  I did not test this.  But it would seem that the clipboard does not ask me what file type to save, therefore it likely saves "all bits" like a bmp bitmap but also does save transparency somehow.
  • Icon Sizes (choose before conversion) - 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 36,36, 48x48, 64x64, 96x96, 128x128\
  • Transparency - Can be used for icons if inherent in the image loaded.  We tested png format with good results.  We tested one gif sample with transparency already in the gif file before saved.  It also worked well.
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Note:  I truly hope that you enjoy this program.  I myself use this program often