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Windows:  XP, Windows 7,8, 10

  rpsoft2000 Scratchpad Software Program  
scratchpad   Scratchpad

DESCRIPTION - Scratchpad memory. Have you ever needed up to 10 phrases that for what you are doing, it seems you have to continually re-type them? That can happen. Those can be text phrases, file system locations, www world wide addresses, your name and home address and phone for form fillout. It can be many things.

This program allows you to save up to 10 phrases per file. Those are the long items on the right. Then put a name in the button on the left so when you press it, it will send the phrase of the 10 you wish to the computer clipboard. Then you can past that phrase where you wish on a windows program that can take it, using "ctrl v"
  rpsoft2000 Software Scratchpad Software Program  
  Perhaps one of the most time saving devices on the Windows Computer is the computer clipboard. If you highlight a phrase and then press ctrl and c, you will copy it to the computer clipboard. And next ctrl and v will paste it to most other windows documents. This program takes advantage of that, but also allows up to ten stored phrases at your fingertips at a time. And yes, you can save files and recall them, so you can have as many groups of ten phrases that you commonly use as you wish.  


Run/Edit - to enter data before you are going to use it, we suggest pressing the Edit button you see near the upper middle. That will remporarily turn the program screen red and allow edit without worrying that pressing a button is going to give errors or send things you do not want to the computer clipboard. When done and ready to use, then decide if you might use these items again, If so, you might wish to save these items under a name of your choice. Then you would press the Run button to turn the program screen back to a turqoise look for usage.

Simple? We agree. But someday for the right drudgery issue, it might save a lot of typing.

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