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  NOTE: IMPORTANT: While we are proud to show you this freeware and some of the explanations on this Mobile internet version, we did not include downloads of this freeware for the Mobile Application. The reason is that this software will not work on mobile units at this time, but is designed for Windows Computers with XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8.1. So, if you see something you like, please return to rpsoft2000.com with your desktop computer or portable computer and please download there. Many thanks!

Please note that a brief description for each software item is included below its screen image,

This program is both a combination file manager with optional two sides, and also a photo viewer.  Version 2a adds "Sync" capabilities for doing some backup file possibilities.  2b adds the ability to modify filenames within whole directories.

In file manager usage it can view your computer files, and also copy, move, rename or delete files.  It also has some drag copy capabilities to external items and works with some, but not all external file areas.  It can do quick program start in the file areas by double clicking a program. Double clicking can also start up a file with its associated program (according to Windows explorer associations that are set) such that the file is showing with the program that can display it.  It also has options for up to 30 quick program start icons.

In photo display mode, it can display photos in a given directory, one directory at at time.  You can manually advance or reverse to other photos in that directory, or set automatic viewing mode for 1 to 9 seconds between images.

This program can do screen capture.  In fact it could have been used to have captured the computer screen image in the above filemanager2 description, since it is a computer screen image of the same computer.

This program for input can do full screen capture of all that is on your computer screen.  It can also, if you wish, allow you to set an area of your screen to capture by showing you a semi-transparent rectangle for you to move to the upper left hand corner of the area that you want, and then to resize that rectangle to cover the area that you wish.  After capture, the image should show below.  You can then decide to save it to a location on your computer, or you can decide to send it to the computer clipboard where perhaps you could load the image into a drawing package for more precise changes, or to a document that allows that.
This program is not a drawing program.  Instead what it does is convert some normal picture images, such as bmp, png, jpg, jpeg, tif and gif into icons.  You also get to choose from an array of icon sizes.  I do believe that this program makes icon making less magical and mysterious and mostly opens up the door for us normal people to make our own icons.  And yes, you can use perhaps your favorite drawing package to make simple shapes for your own very unique icons.
  rpsoft2000 Software "Caddy"

Yes, the name "Caddy" does not tell us much.  That is on purpose.  It is a caddy for website urls (optional), user names and passwords.

As security becomes more and more of an issue, websites are often asking us for more and more complex passwords.  Some seem to ask for a Capital letter, some small letters, some numbers, a symbol, an Egyptian Hieroglyphics, and an eye of Newt before they will accept your input.  Oh, the last two of those are not being asked for till next month.  That makes it very hard for any of us to use the same password many different places.  How to remember all of this?  How to type it correctly each time so we do not get the infamous three strikes and you are out?

Well, rpsoft 2000 caddy is the newer more powerful version of a program I have programmed before in an earlier software language and used for a while.  It can store up to 30 user name/password combinations in a main file, and you can load and save multiple files.  It has at least some first level security to stop casual people, casual software, or casual viruses from going through your computer and seeing your important data.  It has an optional startup password, some file data scrambling, and some more.  If I told you all ... well .. you know where that leads.

The Caddy program can also do some auto fill of user name and passwords depending on the website or other program you are using it for.
  rpsoft 2000 RTF Word Proc. Composer

This is a rich text file Word Processing program that we prefer to think of as a "Composer" instead.  Why?  Well, except for some notes to ourselves, we do not use this rtf word processing program as an end to itself, but instead as a first level composer for emails, internet fill in area, articles, and or book chapters.

All Word Processors have some similarities, but also some things that they specialize in.  In the case of this composer, its specialties I believe are:

* Easy to get to big easy to read type size
* Easy to do email or similar composition, and then use f11 key to copy to clipboard for email or internet usage. (f12 key may also copy some formatting)
* Nice for Book chapters or Articles since it contains some format checking for common errors of sentence spacing, end quote rules, contractions and more

Contains 2 or 3 dictionaries. 2 are built in and are always there for spelling or grammar, making it, we think, a good bet for checking out articles or book chapters.  The 3rd dictionary likely requires Microsoft Office installed on your computer.
  rpsoft 2000 "Tutor"

This is a tool to help us humans memorize some things we may need to.  I created it when I needed to memorize things for the California Rules of the Road for a test.  But it also can be used to practice learning World capitals, US State Capitals, some Spanish to English phrases and words, and more.  What it does is show you the left category of the question, and the question itself.  And then when you say the answer you think it is to yourself, you press a button between question and answer to show the answer you had written down before.

You would set up your study items, perhaps in a three column spreadsheet and save it as a "tab delimited" file.  Or you might try to create the data within this program or in a word processor.  We provide 8 samples as well, that some people might find interesting.  And of course, create your own study aid.
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