Anim Fish



Use Menu Setup to set roaming areas in x direction, y direction, and z direction, then speed

$20 L per fish type.  You get one large one, one small one each menu start up.

Anim Fish  


Rainbow Fish 1

Rainbow Fish 2






* Two fish in each package - same type of fish, one large one small

* Copy and Modify - make as many as you wish, just no transfer.  Copy and then modify color slightly to make them look even more different.  Note:  We do not suggest modifying texture however since the texture is quite custom.  If you do modify color and texture we absolutely suggest doing it ONLY on a copy to ensure that you save the original.

* Only One Prim per fish

* Custom Sculptured Prim to save prims

* Custom Textures made by us

* Menu Driven start up for roaming distance in the x direction, roaming distance in the y direction, and speed choices of five.

SL Marketplace (New X-Street) Direct link (click here)

SL Marketplace (New X-Street) Direct link (click here)


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