Anim Octopus



Use Menu Setup to set roaming areas in x direction, y direction, and z direction, then speed

$35 L.  And yes, you can make the Octopus larger and even more menacing

Anim Octopus  








* 12 prims - including the body, 8 flexi tentacles and a beak (mouth)

* Yes, it is almost 5 meters across and it even tells you inside how to copy it and make it even larger.  Why so large?  Well, who is afraid of a tiny octopus?  The Octopus just had to make a statement to be fun.

* Custom Textures made by us

* Menu Driven start up for roaming distance in the x direction, roaming distance in the y direction, and speed choices of five.

* Menu Driven animation also include some turning on a slant to show the tentacles. 

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