Costumes in Owl and Pussycat are mostly done by Suzie Larsen, but others have also contributed.  The list of costumes below is not a complete list, but it should give an idea of at least some the costumes we have and the pricing.  We decided it was most important below to allow you two ways to look things up - either by the category page just below, or the costume itself which will be the index lower down.


Hollywood   PAGE INDEX   Sexy Girl
Hometown   Marina   Show Time
    Costumes With Skins    



Angel Girl   Jack in the Box   Santa Girl
Ballerina   Keno Girl in Pink Lace   Ship Officer Pants
Blues Brothers   Keno Girl in Violet Print   Ship Officer Skirt
Bunny Blue   Maid Outfit   Show Carib
Bunny Pink   Mistress of Dark   Show Tux
Business Tycoon   Nun   ShowGirl Mutli Costume
Camisks   Petticoat   Silks 1
Camisks2   Petticoat Flexi White   Silks 2
Cheerleader   Petticoat Flexi Pink   Sissy Girl in Pink Lace
Clown   Poodle Skirt   Sissy Girl in White Lace
Cowboy   Princess 2   Sissy Maid in Pink
Cowgirl Sexy   Princess 3   Sissy Maid in White and Black
Cowgirl Skirt   Red Queen   Super Hero
Devil Girl   Sailor Suit Pants   Tin Man
Female Politican   Sailor Suit Skirt   OnP Costume Witch 2 with broom
Grass Skirt        
Harem Girl        
Intimate DanceWear Lace        
Intimate DanceWear Sheer        


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