Trouble Shooting Mesh



Some specifics below. We have found some Second Life oddities for Mesh. However, one could say that at least some of it has to do with the order Second Life configures your in world avatar. And changing the order, can sometimes fix things.

OUR NYLONS, PANTYHOSE for Maitreya Avatars

We recently found something that seemed to not make any sense. We saw some glitches in our nylons while wearing them that we had never seen before. And we have no idea of course if this is due to the latest Second Life Browser. But we found we could fix it by changing the order of wearing items on our avatar. We wore the nylons first. Then we took the main body item for Maitreya and removed it temporarily by right clicking it in inventory, and then in a second later, then right clicking it and "Adding" it back in. And the glitches were gone. Yes, we know that the order should not have anything to do with things. But it did in this case.


It can often happen that if you have multiple layers in usage, for example, in your Maitreya avatar, that you can notice some items going missing from time to time. That seems to be due to Second Life having to assemble them in order. Do not remove all layers since that will take you longer. But just click off the image boxes in Maitreya to temporarily not show that layer with what is stored there. Now in a row, click them back on, but be sure of the order. The tattoo layer first, then the underwear layer, then the outer clothes layer. And yes at times you might also have to modify mask settings for each layer, if there are mask choices available. Some choices allow the lower layer to be more visible under a trasparent upper layer.


Yes, we have seen this one before as well. When teleporting to a new sim, sometimes there is something lost in how your mesh looks in the new location. Again, it is often an issue of just taking the item off and putting it back on using "add" while you right click the item in inventory. We have seen this item perhaps more often than we would like to. But the good news is that if you notice it, you can usually fix it by taking some mesh items off temporarily and putting them back on.

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