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Full Perm Mesh Clothes


  OnP Universal Hud for Mesh Clothes

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Our Opinion - This is Big,   99 L includes High Heels and Jewelry

We certainly agree that Mesh might be the single biggest advancement on Second Life. It can make both the avatars, and also the clothes, to an extent, far more realistic. But along with Mesh at times came the high prices, and total lack of abilities to change color and make one outfit into many that we loved to do. But now following this new approach and using this Hud with full perm mesh that has our software inside, we ourselves say ... WOW. It took us from finding Mesh harder to work with, to right now where we now find it easier to work with that standard SL clothes. That makes it a WOW for our tastes

NOTE: At this time, OnP Owl and Pussycat does not make mesh clothes or mesh avatars. However, we make products such as this Hud that can work with mesh avatars and some mesh clothes.




  • Buy Full Perm Mesh Clothes from others (we do not sell them) How? Try SL Marketplace and search for: "Mesh Full Perm"
  • Use the jewelry and high heel shoes included with this HUD. Jewelry should be two styles and should be universal. The High Heels are supplied for Maitreya Lara avatar bodies, Belleza Venus, Slink Physique, TMP, and of course normal SL Avatars
  • After finding the right size mesh clothing item, make a copy and save the original
  • Rez the copy of the mesh clothes to the ground and insert the MESH software we supply; then save it to inventory. Yes the permissions will now change due to the software inside that can be removed. But you can use it with the software inside and the permissions it now gives.
  • Bring up the HUD. Now when you change colors, the mesh clothes, the jewelry and the High Heels should all change color.
  • You also have some choices on changing the texture of the mesh item, if you are okay changing from the original texture supplied
  • You can also change the transparency of the item, though this causes the texture to shift to solid color only


  • CUSTOM COLORS AND TEXTURES: Note the two columns on the right. One for 8 colors and one for 8 textures. We have loaded the notecard for the HUD with some extra sample colors and textures that we like. However, you can change the notecard and load in the colors and textures that you have the rights for, and customize it to your liking
  • We provide a second HUD for novelty that has instead 8 novelty textures that of course you can also change the notecard and change those. Those 8 textures include two types of torn and dirty appearance, one of bullet holes, one LGBT rainbow and symbols, one world map, and 3 adult ones. One adult ones has adult words that are more than suggestive, and the other two have nude scenes ...one at a waterfall and one at a beach.
  • The HUD and items only respond to their owner. However, if you wish to control some items separately, you can modify the channels of those items adding a notecard with information we supply. Of course the HUD used and the item controlled must be set for the same channel. But since you can copy, you can have many of each.
  • High Heels - have their own software inside. Just left click them to get their own color change and also under "More" to be able to change size
  • Jewelry - If you left click them, they also have their own software to change color, but not size in their case.
  • High Heels - you of course can copy and use with other things. Too shiny? Make a copy and then right click and edit them and change the amount of shine under tab 4, texture. Look for bright, and glow, and also under shine.
   TRANSPARENCY - both a limitation and a feature ??  
  • We found out that making mesh clothes transparent was most demanding. We had to change three things to achieve transparency each time. That leads to both limitations and what I call a feature
  • LIMITATION - Unless it is a custom "MESH item" software for a specific product from a specific manufacturer, if you click the transparency column you will just get a white texture that you can color, since texture and color are two different things. But yes the texture will have the transparency in it that the button name suggests. But you would be limited to solid colors.
  • FEATURE - But then we found this is also a feature. For example, our normal "OnP Sampler" Hud comes with colors and textures already identified on the note card. The top four textures actually have some lace, meaning some amount of transparency between the solid lace areas. If you do not wish those areas to be transparent, then just click the "0% Opaque" button at the top of the transparency column before you then next click that texture Then You will not see the transparency. But if you click any other transparency (does not seem to matter) greater than zero value, such as 10%, then you will see the transparency inherent in the texture. This works for the Novelty Hud as well. You will only see the bullet holes as real holes and the tears in the dirty and torn options near the top if you select a transparency greater than 0% before you click those textures.

This of course only our own experience and opinion. However, we would like to be done buying mesh clothes unless they are full prim or at least modify yes, copy yes, so we can control them ourselves. We find that paying high amounts of money for a single mesh item, in a single color that cannot be modified does not always give higher quality. One can say that you have to kiss some frogs to find a real prince or princess in either the high priced single item mesh marketplace or in the full perm groups. We even have found varying quality from the same manufacturer in each group.

But we did find many good items for our tastes in the full prim mesh business. Some of the manufacturers in it are quite excellent. Like all of us who sell things, they will also have winners and losers. But again, I do not see much variation between that and the high priced mesh that you cannot control. Yes, if an item is a giveaway, like for a single linden, you have to be lucky to get something good. But we find little guarantees between the $150 full perm items and for example the $300 no perm items. Therefore we prefer taking our chances with the full perm people now. They are that good ... in our opinion.

How do you do it? Well, always buyer beware and try out a manufacturer first with just a few things rather than many. But we scan the SL Marketplace and search for "Mesh Full Perm" and have found some great deals. And now we say, why buy one item, one color, one texture for $300 when there are some good people selling full perm stuff that you can color and texture control with our HUD?



thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products


We try our best to keep this site accurate.  However, in case of an error please understand that the prices and items directly at Tissela in SL or on SL Marketplace are the determining factors - and not this web site.  So, please also verify what you see at those locations.  Thank you for your understanding.