The below gives rapid links to our Animations for Dance and other to X-street sales.  Just click the link and it should go to the right location.  If not, some information just below this may help.  Costs are included on this page as a help and we will try and keep them accurate, but please understand that the real cost is the one on xstreet if the figures disagree and that the costs below are an intended help but not a guarantee.

To search on your own for our item on X-Street, note that if there are quotes around the buy item (as often included here) then the search will go for that item alone.  Note though that you could also search for keywords using a plus sign for words that must be there, such as:  +OnP +Hungry +Intan should bring up "OnP Hungry Eyes for Intan".

Animation   Cost Clothes or Costume   Cost
INTAN DANCE ANIMATIONS  for use in Intan Dance Machines      
"OnP Slow OnP 1 for Intan"   $200
"OnP Slow 02 dance OnP for Intan"   $200
"OnP Dirty Dancing for Intan Usage"   $200
"OnP Hungry Eyes for Intan"   $200
"buy Jitterbug 01 OnP for Intan"   $200
INTAN EMOTIVE  ANIMATIONS  for use in Intan Dance Machines      
"OnP hug 01 for Intan usage"   $100
"OnP kiss 01 for Intan usage"   $100
DANCE BALL ANIMATIONS  for use using separate dance balls    
"buy Slow OnP 1 Dance balls"   $200
"buy Slow 02 OnP Dance Balls   $200
"OnP Dirty Dancing Dance Balls"   $200

"OnP Hungry Eyes Dance Balls"


"OnP JBug01 OnP Dance Balls"

EMOTIVE  BALL ANIMATIONS  separate emotive balls    
"OnP 01 hug animation balls"   $100
"OnP kiss 01 animation balls"   $100
SNOW GLOBE ANIMATIONS  includes synchronized couples  balls inside snow globes      

"OnP snow globe dance slow 2"

"OnP snow globe kiss 01"   $500
OnP Texas 2 Step Mutli Couples   $500
OnP Western 1 Line Dances   $500
"OnP Sexy Salsa Line Dance 3.01"   $200
"buy Electric Slide Line Dance 1.03"   $200

"OnP Hokey Pokey line dance"

ANIMATIONS Menu Driven    
OnP Owlavator (Elevator, Teleporter)   $500
OnP Menu Driven skycart PEOPLE MOVER   $200
"OnP Emote Facial Anims & more"   $500
"OnP Music Singer Anim"   $600
"OnP buy Backup Singer Animation"   $600
"OnP Outlaw Target Practice"   $200
"OnP Bar Making Kit"   $900
"OnP buy Dining Set"   $1000
"OnP buy menu dressing poses"   $500
"OnP Dressing Stand Menu2 Driven"   $500
"OnP buy photo pose"   $500
"OnP buy Greeter Stand"   $600
"OnP buy Pose Blanket Goldfir"   $500
"OnP buy pose blanket violet"   $500
"OnP buy pose blanket indoor"   $500
"OnP Ice Skating Rink System 2"   $500
"OnP buy Catwalk vs 1.02"   $300
"OnP Food for Meters 1.02"   $500
"OnP cannon sculptured prim 4p"   $100
"OnP kiss sitting"   $100
"OnP kiss embrace"   $100
"buy Hopping Bunnies, Bunny Rabbits"   $200
OnP Parrot, talking   $200
OnP Anim Mermaid 3 styles   $300
"OnP Anim Swans w Menu 6"   $300
"OnP Anim Ducks w Menu"   $200
"OnP Anim Octopus w Menu s"   $200
"OnP Anim Fish Red Yellow w Menu"   $100
"OnP Anim Fish Rainbow2 w Menu"   $100
"OnP Anim Fish Rainbow1 w Menu"   $100
"OnP Anim Fish Goldfish w Menu"   $100
"OnP Anim Fish Discus w Menu"   $100
"OnP Anim Fish Clown Fish w Menu"   $100
"OnP Anim Fish Betta w Menu"   $100
"OnP Anim Fish Angelfish w Menu"   $100
"OnP am buy Ferris Wheel"   $100
"OnP am buy Jet Ride"   $100
"OnP am buy Merry Go Round"   $300
"OnP am buy light strands"   $20
"OnP Santa Claus 1.03s"   $75
"OnP Christmas Decorations 1.04"   $100





"Ladie's Gowns, 3 rouched bodice style"   $75
"Ladie's Gowns, 3 rouched satin style"   $75
"Ladie's Gowns, 3 rouched sheer style"   $75
"Ladie's Gowns, 4 rouched print style"   $100
"Ladie's Gowns, Black Flexicone2"   $50

"Ladie's Gowns, Black Lace Flexi Gown"

"Ladie's Gowns, Blue Lace Flexi Gown"   $50

"Ladie's Gowns, Blue Satin Flexicone2"

"Ladie's Gowns, Flexi skirt outfits"   $50

"Ladie's Gowns, Pink Flexicone2"


"Ladie's Gowns, Pink Lace Flexi Gown"

"Ladie's Gowns, Red Flexicone2"   $50

"Ladie's Gowns, Red Lace Flexi Gown"

"Ladie's Gowns, Rhumba Outfits"   $50
"Ladie's Gowns, sheer and flexi"   $50
"Ladie's Gowns, White Lace Flexi Gown"   $50

"Ladie's Gowns, Yellow Lace Flexi Gown"

"OnP Flexi Skirt Spring Dress"   $50
"OnP pattern 01 flexi outfits"   $75
"OnP Costume Witch 2 with broom"    
"OnP costume sailor skirt outfit"    $50
"OnP costume ship officer skirt"   $50
"OnP Costume Tin Man"   $50
"OnP cowboy Outfit"   $50
"OnP Cowgirl Skirt Outfit"   $50
"OnP Gift Blues Brothers (and Sisters)"   $50
"OnP grass skirt flexi"   $50
"OnP nun costume"   $50
"OnP Sailor Pants outfit"   $50
"OnP Ship Officer Pants  outfit"   $50
"Victorian Old West Black Red Dress with Hat"   $50
"Victorian Old West Pink White Dress with Hat"   $50
"Victorian Old West Print Dress Flowers"   $100
"Victorian Old West Print Dress Pink Sequin"     $100
"OnP Costume Mens Dress Kilt Wear"   $25
"OnP Costume Jack in the Box"   $50
"OnP Superhero Costume New with Prim cape"   $25
"OnP Clown Costume (men or women)"   $25
"OnP His or Her Show Tux"   $50
"OnP Mistress of the Dark"   $25
"OnP Poodle Skirt Outfit"   $30
"OnP Showgirl multi-costume"   $100
"OnP Flexi Skirt Cheerleader"   $50
"OnP costume santa girl"   $50
"OnP costume angel in lace"   $50
"OnP costume devil in lace"   $50
"OnP Ballerina Costume"   $50
"OnP Bunny Outfit (blue)"   $50
"OnP Bunny Outfit (pink)"   $50
"OnP Intimate Dancewear Lace"   $50
"OnP Intimate Dancewear Sheer"   $50
"OnP Petticoat Layered Pink"   $100
"OnP Petticoat Layered White"   $100
"OnP Maid Outfit Costume"   $100
"OnP Sissy Maid Outfit White and Black"   $50
"OnP Sissy Maid Outfit Pink"   $50
"OnP Las Vegas Keno Outfit Pink"   $50
"OnP Las Vegas Keno Outfit Violet Print"   $50
"OnP SIssy Girl White"   $50
"OnP Sissy Girl Pink"   $50
"OnP High Heel System2"   $200
"OnP bra set of 5 with top strap"   $10
"OnP bra set of 7 trans with no top strap"   $15
"OnP panties briefs set of 5"   $10
"OnP panties hi-cut set of 5"   $10
"OnP panties semi transparent set of 7"   $15
"OnP panties thongs set of 8"   $10
"OnP panty bra print sets"   $10
"OnP panty bra sets lace with backing"   $20
"OnP panty bra sets lace without backing"   $20
"OnP garter belts set of 10"   $10
"OnP Flexi Skirt Negligee"   $25
"OnP Toe Nail Polish (uses socks)"   $10
"OnP Nylons no seam set"   $10
"OnP Nylons with seam, set"   $10
"OnP Pantyhose, Nude Top"   $10
"OnP Panythose, Opaque Crotch"   $10
"OnP Jewelry Simple Elegance"   $50
"OnP Hoop Earring Necklace Sets"   $50
"OnP Jewelry Diamond Sets D03,4"   $50
"OnP Jewelry Pearl Sets"   $50
"OnP Jewelry Diamond 1, D05"   $50
"OnP Jewelry Diamond 2, D06"   $50
"OnP Jewelry Diamond w. Cameo"   $50
"OnP Jewelry Diamond Heart"   $50



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