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Email Address Book Software

Email Software Program

Windows:  95/98, 2000, Me, XP,Vista,  and Windows 7














System Data / Requirements

Windows Systems: 95,98,2000,Me,XP,Vista
Ram Used: 7.5 MB
Hard Drive Space: 4.0 MB
Min. Display Size  * 600 x 800
Display Setting (for Best Color) 16 bit or high 16
File Size for Download 1.9 MB

Note that the real screen size is larger than this image on the left.  It has two sides - each with a name on the left, and an email address on the right
The "down / up" keys allow 28 pages each side for viewing / usage
1000 email addresses per file!

  • A Universal email address program for Windows
    that works on most windows email programs! - Outlook, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, more!

  • Now, you are in control of your data - and only have one email list to maintain!

  • From now on, lose only those email addresses that you wish to!

Features of having your own Email Address Software Program

  • You own it and the data and the data stays with you! - not with another program or person
  • Have only one email address book that is complete - even if you use more than one email address !  It is universal for most Windows programs including Microsoft Outlook mail, AOL mail, yahoo mail, hotmail, and many others since it uses the computer clipboard.  What this means, is that after you have selected one or more people to send email to, and then click "Get" on the screen with your mouse, the email addresses are now visible in the top screen.  But more importantly, those email addresses are also sent to the computer clipboard.  Simply open the windows email program or other windows program and put your mouse cursor where you want the emails transferred.  Then use the "shift" and "insert" keys on your computer at the same time in order to "paste" the email information in the "to" slot of your email program, the "cc" slot or elsewhere.
  • It's storage technique resists tampering by a virus - at least for this email data.  more here.
  • It is full featured - and once you are familiar with these features, you need not continually learn separate email directories used by other email programs.
  • With 1000 email software addresses per file - from now on - lose only the email addresses that you want to lose !

Basic Features

  • Has a right side for "general" email addresses plus a left side that can allow shorthand email software addresses for work or other situations that have a similar email address, such as "@myworkplace.com" - or make both sides general and use one for business and one for family - or whichever two groups you wish
  • Has a "find" routine for finding email addresses deep in storage
  • Has "group" software for combining key people into a single address
  • Has "merge" capabilities for combining right and left sides or other email address books
  • Uses the computer clipboard, so it can be used with almost any windows program - yes, that includes Microsoft Outlook, AOL email, Yahoo mail, hotmail and others - but also MsWord and many other word processors and other programs - or even copy email addresses with no retyping to the body of your email!
  • Phone number storage?  If you wish to store phone numbers as well, put those after the names and not on the email address side.  We often do that such that the program then serves a double purpose.
  • Has alphabetical sort - which is both automatic at times and also can be manually triggered
  • Has "load" and "save" allowing even more than one email file!  Store 1000 addresses per file!

For a more in-depth discussion of usage of Emailaddy, click here.

For a full sized picture of Emailaddy and / or a discussion of its business usage using its left side characteristics, click here.


Characters:  Careful not to use two $ characters in a row, such as $$ as that will be interpreted as a control character.
Screen Sizes: This program will not play well on a screen set to 480 x 640 pixels.  Any reasonable setting at or higher than 600 x 800 will be fine, including, 600 x 800, 1024 by 768, and reasonable screen settings even higher.  Note that for the 600 x 800 setting that you must use the included file emailaddz.exe at the stored program location instead of emailaddy.exe.  Use the emailaddy.exe program for screen settings 1024 by 768 and higher.

Author's note

Please ensure that you back up your files often by saving them under a different name or in a different file location. That will help prevent accidental loss of data. Use the load function under file in the pull down menu to re-load a back up file or to load an alternate file of alternate email names and addresses.

A sample startup file of fake email names and addresses is provided that will load at program startup to show an example of usage. This file can be easily cleared if desired by going under the edit pull down menu and setting all checkmarks. Then one can delete by again selecting that under edit or by pressing the control and D key at the same time. If the file is deleted, it can be reloaded by loading "sample.txt" in the same file as the program.








$14.95   Download this email address software program now from The Virtual Software Store using Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, a USA-based checking account, prepaid Internet Cash (tm) Cards or your Microsoft Passport wallet. Immediately download and install it on your computer. Offline payment options also available.


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