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Windows:  95/98, 2000, Me, XP,Vista,  and Windows 7


System Data / Requirements

Windows Systems: 95,98,2000,Me,XP,Vista, 7
Ram Used: 4.9 MB
Hard Drive Space: 3.6 MB
Min. Display Size  * 480 x 640
Display Setting (for Best Color) 16 bit or high 16
File Size for Download 1.8 MB



Our Popular File Name / Attributes Handling Software

Just Got Better with new version 3.1 and added features !


Basic Applications

A convenient bulk file name change / or file attribute changer . . and more.  To change a number of file names or attributes quickly, ensure all of the files are in the same directory. Then let filemod change the names or attributes at very rapid speed.

Changing only one file?  Filemod contains an "only one" feature also.  In newer versions, such as 3.0, filemod also will provide file name lists, a unique file delete command,  and also help on writing over private deleted files.


Renaming Digital Camera Photos

Digital Cameras are great!  However, they of course don’t know the event they are being used at.  Use filemod and “make sequence” to change the names of those files in bulk from a camera photo number to “Europe2002_001”, for example, where the “001” on the end is the number of the photo.   The event name can come in front of the sequence number, after, or both (the "both" option is shown above.)  for more click on: Photo rename example

File Name Change Case

Filemod is able to change case of a directory of file names (or nested directories) to either all small letters, all capital letters, and even title case (capitals at the start of words for the name, and small letters for the file extension).   More on this by clicking here.

File Name Modify Capabilities

Ever wish to slightly modify directory file names after the fact in bulk? In directories or even nested directories?  Filemod can do some of that. Filemod contains a more powerful file name change agent - a find and replace routine. This function can be used to find certain characters in your file names within a directory and change them to other characters. For example, it can modify all spaces " " in your file names to underlines "_", or do the reverse of that, or even change a name to another. This find and replace works on the whole name plus the extension, such that even extensions can be modified by this, one type at a time.  More on this by clicking here.

CD Rom Disks to Hard Drive

Storing CD rom data on hard drives is a great way to save data. However, when read back to hard drive, those files annoyingly may be marked “read only” and not be able to be directly modified later.  However, filemod can change those files rapidly to “elim most readonly”, which does not affect system files, or “read all”, which makes ALL files in that directory read and write.  Read-only example


Hard Drive to CD Rom Disk

When saving data from your hard drive to a CD disk, some CD burners will not accept file names over a certain number of characters - such as 60.  Yet if some data is saved, such as emails, data names on your disk can exceed that length.  It is tedious to shorten every file name one at a time.  Filemod can shorten file names to any reasonable length you specify rapidly.  file name shorten example


Making Important Archives Read Only

Do you have files you wish kept as they were - with no new changes?  Put those files under the same directory and let filemod change those files to read-only.


File Extensions

A number of programs will not modify file extensions - the ending three letters such as “doc” or “txt”.  This program will.  The file extension may be modified one at a time using the “only one” option, or can be modified in bulk in a directory by using the “extensions” option.  file extension example


Firewall Assistance - File Name Scrambler

Concerned that someone could get through your company or home’s firewall and get to important business files?  Those business files may be overlooked by a thief if they simply do not have a rational name associated with them.  Filemod includes a file name scrambler / de-scrambler that can modify file names based on your simple alphabetical coding.  Filemod also modifies some extension endings, including: .doc, .txt., .pdf, .htm, .html, .xls, .ppt, .exe, .bmp, .jpg, .gif, among others.  In addition, filemod will also modify file attributes to hidden or unhidden - following the normal windows conventions of those attributes.  More on this by clicking here.


Dead Files

While thankfully rare, file names can become corrupt to the point where the names are no longer legal and sometimes windows operating systems will not even allow them to be deleted.  Isolating those files in their own directory and using "make sequence" will usually allow the file to be modified or deleted later.  Note - if one cannot move the file to its own directory, consider moving the other files in that directory temporarily out - if at all possible.  Then use filemod.

File Name Lists
Ever wish to be able to copy or save file names from a directory to another windows program?  With filemod you can.  Files can be listed and then copied or saved three in different formats:  file name only, file name plus extension, and path and whole file name. file directory lists example

Create Directory Files (privacy application)
Many of us are aware that if we delete files and even empty the re-cycle bin that part of the file still stays on our computers.  If we wish to remove those deleted files one simple option is to write over them with new files.  Filemod has a special control screen that can do that - for most reasonably sized hard drives.  It can write over the open space to make files in that space non-recoverable. file shredder example

Delete Files (but not directories)
While all windows computers that we have seen come complete with "file delete" functions, we have noticed that on deleting very large directories of files (such as those that can be created above) that it can bog down - and perhaps never leave the thinking mode and start.  "The delete directory files" function of filemod finds and deletes files by finding and deleting them one at a time - automatically of course.  This filemod delete function therefore can come in handy prior to using the standard windows delete.  Also if one wishes to delete files but save the directory structure, this feature is also an excellent option. delete files example

Attribute Changes
The attribute change "read only" is discussed above.  However, filemod will also change attributes of files for:  hidden, archive and system attributes - either one at a time, or whole directories at a time.  system-archives example. Some of these applications are becoming hard to find in other programs.  You can also simply remove all attributes from a file or a directory of files.

Detailed Usage Information
For more detailed information on actual usage of the filemod program, click the following link: Detailed Filemod Usage Information

- - - - -

Limitations and Cautions

The program will modify files for names and attributes, but not the directory names or attributes.  The program is a powerful one, and one must exercise caution over and above the safeties to ensure that the files in the directories to be modified (and directories nested inside of those) are correct.  Renamed files may not be recognized by programs or operating systems after the modification.


Program Safeties

Safeties are optional, but begin in the “on” position.  The safeties are for (1) ensuring only one directory looked at, (2) Asking on first change out and (3) not changing system files.  With care, the first safety can often be turned off in order to do multiple nested directories at once.  It is suggested to leave the other two on.  However, that is your option.



A very powerful bulk file name changer program / attribute modifier!

Readme.txt and help included.



Now available for download




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