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Clipboard Memory Bank


Windows:  95/98, 2000, Me, XP,Vista,  and Windows 7




Shows Main Screen (smaller size than real life)













System Data / Requirements

Windows Systems: 95,98,2000,Me,XP,Vista
Ram Used: 7 MB
Hard Drive Space: 5.2 MB
Min. Display Size  * 600 x 800
Display Setting (for Best Color) 16 bit or high 16
File Size for Download 2.55 MB



Free yourself from memorizing and re-typing

the same common phrases over and over again.


Application -  The Need

Tired of tracking and retyping www addresses and their needed password names and passwords?  Or re-typing the same signatures including phone numbers and addresses at the bottom of emails and letters?  Memorizing and re-typing Serial Numbers that are used at times? Or short cover letters for business?  Or banking finance categories when using financial programs?  Or any short phrases?  All of that and much more can be stored and at your fingertips in the membank computer software program.

The Product

Membank allow you to store 480 separate pieces of information per file - and make them available for computer clipboard access and usage any time membank is running.  No need to retype - just click a button (or two depending on setup) and the data is sent to the clipboard where it can be inserted into many windows programs by using "shift" and "insert".

Brief Description of Usage

Examining the product screen, the 160 gray buttons below each store 3 pieces of data.  Those data items can be short passwords, or any short text, or even a multi-line address or even short cover letters.  As one presses a gray data storage button, the data is sent to the top where it can be examined.  Clicking the button next to the data sends it to the computer clipboard.  From there, the data can be inserted into most windows type programs by placing the cursor in the program space where you wish to send it and then pressing "shift" and "insert".  Editing?  Data sent to the top can be edited.  Toggling the play button to "Record" and presses the gray button of your choice stores the modified data.  Of course, remember to save the changed file afterwards also.

Features:  (much more information provided in the onboard help file)

  1. 480 key phrases stored per file, arranged in 3 large data items stored via each of 160 buttons
  2. Multi-Line text now allowed in version 2.1 for signatures, addresses, brief cover letters or resumes
  3. load and save capabilities such that multiple files and multiple uses are easy
  4. customize the button names to names of your choice - even custom for each data set if you wish (new vs. 2.1)
  5. stored data can be moved around and organized as you wish - or even exported in small doses to a second membank file
  6. button / area data (an area title is available for each 5 buttons) can not only be moved, but also sorted
  7. can be setup to modify qif files for downloaded checks prior to use in your accounting file
  8. files use simple text files such that you can review the data using simple word processors
  9. option allows data item 1 sent to the clipboard when the data file of 3 items is accessed
    . . . .and more options ... such as helping to handle html and / or various quote symbols

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Interested in more information about password managing application for Membank?  If so, please click here.  Form Letters application is discussed in more detail by clicking here.  ".QIF" File usage application discussion can be reached by clicking here.  And the subject of clipboard memory storage and retrieval is discussed for both membank and emailaddy products by clicking here.  More on rpsoft software for seo software applications is found by clicking here.

Specifications / Limitations:

  1. ASCII lettering only - but not allowing two $ characters in a row as:  $$  since those are used for control
  2. Line breaks will now work for multi-line; tabs if imported from a word processing program will also work; but the text format will not store font type, bold, italics, font size, centered text or the like.  Of course the good news with storing simple text, is that simple text will often correspond to the rest of the document you are using it in - taking over its font type and size and color
  3. Maximum file size is really more of a speed consideration.  It is recommended though to keep each data item of the 480 less than 10,000 characters long (including spaces) and the entire file size less than 500,000 bytes.  Some amount larger size will work, but speed will start to slow down.  Of course keeping file sizes even lower, such as 100,000 bytes or less will speed it up even more.

Author's note

Please ensure that you back up your files often by saving them under a different name or in a different file location. That will help prevent accidental loss of data. Use the load function under file in the pull down menu to re-load a back up file or to load an alternate file of memory data.

A sample startup file is provided that will load at program startup to show an example of usage. This file can be easily cleared if desired by going under the edit pull down menu and selecting "clear". If the startup file is cleared, it can be reloaded later by loading "start_www.txt" or "start_bank.txt" in the same file as the program.






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