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Definition of Links

Links (hyperlinks) are references within a web site that allow a user to speedily go to another web page either within the same web site or in a different web site.  Web sites, particularly if they carry information of similar value to users, often link to each other.

Importance of Links

You might think of a web site as a city.  You also may spend much of your personal time making this city, this web site, the very best possible.  However, how do we know if anyone will ever visit or see it?  The question we need to ask is "how many roads" on the world wide web lead to our city, our web site?  Each link from a search engine, a directory, or another web site that recommends you, is a road to your web site.

It is also true that some search engines will also see your web site as being more important if there are many "roads" or "links" to your website.  Google at times has said that each of these links after a fashion is a "vote" on the importance of your web site.  Now, to be sure, some links are more important than others - just as in real life a super highway carries more traffic than a rural dirt road.  Bigger, higher traffic sites that link to you will count more of course with the search engines, especially if they have a "one-sided" link to you and do not require you to link back to them.  Reciprocal links may count a little less.  And links to new sites not yet established may count even less - at least until these sites build themselves up and acquire traffic themselves.  But all of these possibilities are "roads" to your web site, and all can help bring a degree of traffic to it.

Importance of Checking Links

If you do have a link agreement with another webmaster, and they say that they are linking to you, how can you check?  Sometimes they will tell you the exact page that your link is on.  Sometimes they do not.  And sometimes when the other webmasters cleans and tidies up their site and puts links in alphabetical order and less than 50 per page (a good idea) the page that your link is on may have moved.  How to find it?  Particularly when some sites can have thousands of pages?

We believe an automatic method of checking for links is much less frustrating then doing it by hand.  To be sure, with complexities of the manner in which html pages can be written, perhaps no simple software is going to do everything for you.  But what if software can help you locate 70% of what you need to look for automatically?  Or higher?  We find that the rpsoft 2000 site-crawler does "most" of our tough work of looking for links.  To be sure, it does not always find 100% of them, but the ones it does find saves us a great deal of work in verifying links promised us by other webmasters.  It can scan one website for you, or it can be programmed to go through a series of websites for you and look for your link.  More details in this can be seen by going to the below links.

Many More Features

 The rpsoft 2000 site-crawler has many more options.  You can go to the main page and features of site-crawler by clicking here, or you can select other options below.  The rpsoft 2000 site-crawler has many great features for a webmaster.  At rpsoft 2000 software, we use it constantly ourselves in order to maintain a number of websites.


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