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Definition of Meta Tags

Meta tags are information written in html that is written there for search engines and software bots that roam the web, but not visible to human beings on the normal browser page.  The three most common forms of meta tags are:  title of the web page, description of the web page, and keywords that can be used to search for this web page.  They are written in html normally near the html page top in the "header" which means in between the html phrase: "<head>" and the ending html phrase "</head>".

Importance of Meta Tags

If you are a well-read webmaster, you will have noticed that some people say that meta tags are extremely important, and some say that they are not very important at all.  I would say that they are always important.  The information within meta tags may or may not be used by search engines to catalog your site.  If that is the case, then of course supplying the title that you wish and the description that you wish is far superior to a search engine software bot making up a title and description by viewing your page.  Also some search engines may look at the search phrases in the meta tag "keywords" to see what keywords should search for your web page.

But, you might ask, what if the particular search engines you most care about do not use meta tags for their catalog information for your web page.  For example, it does seem that Google does not use meta tag information much.  In this case, I would still suggest that meta tags are highly important - but in this case - for your own usage as a webmaster.  It is always good to have an idea of what the proper title and description and keywords should be of each web page.  An ideal place to store that information, of course, is in the "meta tag" section of the web page "header" where it will not get lost.  If you decide to share linking information with another web site, for example, they will ask you for title, url, and description of your site such that they can list your site on theirs.  That information is two of the three meta tags discussed.  How about keywords then?  Keywords should be the words that you expect someone to search with in order to find your site and this web page.  Having keywords also stored in meta tags can help organize your thinking of what this web page is to be - sort of an outline for the subject matter.  In this manner, I would absolutely say that meta tags are always very important.  If they are not important to a specific search engine, they may indeed still be very needed for your organization of tasks as a webmaster.

rpsoft 2000 site-crawler software

The rpsoft 2000 site-crawler has a number of functions, one of which is the ability to help you to view and analyze your meta tags.  "Check Meta Tags" is one of the "actions" that can be set, and the site-crawler software will locate and report the meta tags of the three items of:  title, description, and keywords from the web page that you point it at on the world wide web.  It will also give you an opinion as to length - as to whether each is too short or too long.

What if you are unfamiliar with meta tags?  The rpsoft 2000 site crawler will also show you an example under "actions".  If you are still confused, use the "action" of "Show Html" and look at the top of a web page that has meta tags, such as:  http://www.rpsoft2000.com/.  Looking at the top of the html in the "header" between <head> and </head> you can see what the format actually looks like.  Several html composers such as Microsoft Front Page assist you in making common meta tags.  In the case of "Front Page" the meta tag help area is in the pull down menu under "file" and then under "properties".

What if you disagree with the lengths for title, description or keywords as suggested by rpsoft 2000 software?  No problem.  Under "options" and then "meta tags" you can set the lengths of each that you wish.

Many More Features

 The rpsoft 2000 site-crawler has many more options.  You can go to the main page and features of site-crawler by clicking here, or you can select other options below.  The rpsoft 2000 site-crawler has many great features for a webmaster.  At rpsoft 2000 software, we use it constantly ourselves in order to maintain a number of websites.


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