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More Screens and Usage

The above shows the the options and one page of 6 of the options dialog pages.
Options are fairly extensive - in many cases help speed up searches.
Note that one of the simplest options, under "General" options - allows one
to change the startup URL to their own web site for convenience.


The above picture shows an example of "multi-site" search for links.  The large window on the left was used for both input and output.  In this example the input was originally set up to be (one site per line):


On the right, in the third window from the bottom, the word "rpsoft" was entered as the portion of the reciprocal link to search these sites for.  The drop down menu "Action:" was then modified to "Search Multi Sites".  Then the "Go" button was pressed.  The input/ output window was temporarily cleared and the program cycled through each of the four sites, printing an answer after each site as to what the program had found.  The three small windows at the upper right recorded - how many sites total had been reviewed under "Web Sites", how many "URLs" were examined (pages) in the current site, which was 2, and how many internal "Links" were found in the current web site being examined.  The lower right window, "URL's being searched, showed the two web pages searched for the last site.  Note that even though the last site had 5 links found, it found the link on the second page examined since the program options were set to give priority on scanning pages with the word "link" in their URL first.  The answers were then written as the program progressed, on the left hand input / output window as:

http://www.nothinghereatthissite.com/,none found
http://www.amazon.com/, site skipped by user

Note in the above results that if a link was found, as in the second and fourth cases, that the software wrote the web page where the link was found after a comma.   Where there was no link found - such as in the first line, the software wrote "none found" after the comma.  In the third case, where amazon.com was a huge site, and the operator watching the results decided that if it had not found the link yet, it likely was not there, pressed a button named "skip this site".  Then after a brief delay, the software wrote the phrase "site skipped by user" after the comma - and then would have continued on with the next site loaded if there had been a site loaded after that.  If "halt" had been pressed, then after a brief delay, the software would have halted.

One of course can use the "load" feature to load a series of sites that one wishes to scan.  One can also use the "save" feature to save either the sites that are to be scanned, or interim answers along the way (after a halt command) or all of the answers, for later viewing.  Note that one can also use the standard windows "ctrl-insert" to copy contents of the input / output window to the computer clipboard, or use "shift-insert" to copy data to it.


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