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A Link-Checker Test Drive


Our Link Checker Test Results on rpsoft 2000 Site Crawler
Of course, this was not the first trial of this product by us, but the trial after many stages of perfecting the software.  Also, our test results on the rpsoft2000 site crawler may be different than your own experience, depending on the complexity of the link structure of the sites you wish to examine.  The data from checking links to our own rpsoft2000 software page is shown below:

total sites checked this test drive 733  
number and percentage of links found by the bot 599 81.7%
number and percentage site links that seemed to be missing, visually and by bot 124 16.9%
number and percentage bot accuracy (link found or link missing as reported) 723 98.6%
number and percentage error (link complexities stop bot from finding link) 10 1.4%

So, at least in this test drive of 733 sites, the bot was right (or seemed to be right) a little more than 98% of the time with less than 2% error.  And that 2% error was caused by sites with high complexity links structures.  Links that were stored offsite by several webmasters were counted as missing - since the bot is programmed to not go off the main site looking for links. We did take  a small amount of our own advice into account on usage, adjustment, and troubleshooting on the next page, but the facts are, had we taken more of our own advice into account, the numbers would have been even better. 

After completing this test run on our own links, it seems to us that the bot accuracy was not our biggest issue.  Our biggest concern was the number of links that seemed to be dropped - not only based on the bot information, but also after our visual check.  We of course did not need to check the 81% that simply were fine.

Our next step?  Sending an email to the webmasters or webmistresses on whose sites we could not find the links and telling them that we could not find the link either by software bot or by visual.  Then we will mention that if we are wrong, to give us the exact page name.  If not, we will remove our link to them in 10 days.

Even though there did need to be some visually checking to ensure that the links not found were really missing, we find that this bot saves us a great deal of time.  In over 80% of the cases, we ended up with no manual action - since the link was found.  For the manual actions, the link was missing more often than not, so the bot was right more often than wrong.  Note that we unfortunately cannot promise these results - but they were tested simply and fairly as an example.  Also adjustment hints on the next page can help improve results.  Of course if one insists on only linking to serious sites that keep their links simple and can be found by this bot, then one can have 100% accuracy.

Why Do Reciprocal Links at All?

Many webmasters of course know this answer.  Search engines often give better and higher rankings to sites that have links from other sites to them.  Google for one, has stated on its site that it considers each link to a site a "vote" on the importance of a site.  And of course, higher rankings can mean an earlier position in the search engine standings.  As to why to check for reciprocal links, some examples of that are had by: clicking here.


If you do do reciprocal links on your website in order to improve your web search engine, you might find that the rpsoft 2000 site crawler can save you a whole lot of time.  Even if it saves just a few hours of link searches, that much might pay for its low price and also cover much aggravation.

More on Usage, Adjustment, and Troubleshooting




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