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Web Crawling and General Search

The rpsoft 2000 site-crawler was primarily intended for software to verify reciprocal links from other sites.  However, while it can do that function, it really also simply can provide a general "word" or "phrase" search capability in html for one web page, or a whole web site, or for multiple web sites.

Examples of General Searches

Perhaps there was a key word or a short phrase that you have on your web site or on another that you have seen, but you do not remember the web page or web pages?  One would enter that key word or phrase in the upper right large text area titled "string to search for".  Under "actions" one can select one web page, or a whole web site that you identify, or even multiple web sites that you list in the left large text area - one per line.  The software will then go to the world wide web and search for you.  Of course, speed will be better for this search if you have a high speed internet connection.

For a single web page or for a web site, if the search word or phrase is found, it will show you where in the html on the left text box where the phrase is by highlighting it.  For web sites, it will also list the web page it was found at in the text box "search results".  If you wish to look for more occurrences, you will get a chance to continue the search.  Again for a web site, it will list each page where the search word was found in the "Search Results" area.

If you wish to look at multiple web sites for the word or phrase, you would load the URLs for the web site into the left hand text box by either using a "load" command or by pasting them there.  In this case if the search word or phrase is found the left hand text box will now show results.  In this left hand text box, it will line by line list each URL that you wished to scan, and then give an answer of either the first web page that the item was found on, or the words "none found".  You also have an option of skipping a long site where nothing has been found yet and in that case the response for that URL will be "site skipped by user".


This general search is an html search, and therefore it is a good idea to try to look for either a single word or a simple phrase where there are few words or blanks.  The reason for this is that written html can often vary somewhat from text - especially over line breaks and may have added blanks or characters that might not be in your search word or phrase.

Another limitation is that due to the many ways that sites may be programmed, not all web pages may be visible to rpsoft 200 site crawler software.  The software works best with simple html links between web pages and can crawl most simple web sites.

Even given the limitations above, we at rpsoft 2000 find that this site-crawler software saves a great deal of work, and we use it constantly ourselves.

Many More Features

 The rpsoft 2000 site-crawler has many more options.  You can go to the main page and features of site-crawler by clicking here, or you can select other options below.  The rpsoft 2000 site-crawler has many great features for a webmaster.  At rpsoft 2000 software, we use it constantly ourselves in order to maintain a number of websites.


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