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rpsoft 2000 home page


Blackjack Software

bjgame - blackjack software game with hint charts

Spanish 21 - Blackjack Game Option

Double Diamond - Blackjack Game Option

6:5 Blackjack - Blackjack Game Option

Card Games available from rpsoft 2000

Blackjack-Simulator and Blackjack Simulation Software

Learn to Play Blackjack

Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack PC Game

Jack Black definition

Blackjack Download

Blackjack Chart

Blackjack Game Rule

Blackjack Training Software

Blackjack Tip


Blackjack Basic Strategy

Utility Software

emailaddy - email address book software

email address virus protection

basic emailaddy usage

business email address  application

multiple email program universal usage

membank - clipboard memory and retrieval software

password manager software- www address / password name / password storage usage of membank

form letters - multi line usage of membank including form letters application, addresses and signatures

qif files - downloadable bank checking information for use by membank

computer clipboard usage application, and relation to this software

seo software programs from rpsoft 2000 software

musicord - music chord software

guitar chords - shows guitar chord example of musicord software usage

piano chords - shows piano and keyboard chord example of musicord software usage

ukulele chords - shows ukulele chord example of musicord software usage

bass guitar chords - shows bass guitar chord example of musicord software usage

banjo chords - shows banjo chord example of musicord software usage

steel guitar or dobro chords - shows steel guitar and dobro chord example of musicord software usage

mandolin family chords - shows mandolin family chord example of musicord software usage

lute chords - shows lute chord example of musicord software usage

violin family chords - shows violin family chord example of musicord software usage

left hand stringed instrument chord examples of musicord software usage

retuned string instrument chord examples of musicord software usage

chord chart usage of musicord

chord-finder  application

song-chord  application

Christian chord  application

Guitar Chord Generator  application

Guitar Chord Fingering  application.

filemod - file name and attribute change software

filemod detailed usage information

file name change - modifies file names a group at a time (directory)

extension - modifies file extensions in a group (directory)

read-only - attribute changes of filemod to read only or to read and write

system and archive attribute changes of filemod

shorten - allows shortening of file names in a whole directory or directories

list files - enables listing of file names for usage in other windows programs

shredder - automatic filling of drive with files for privacy and making files non-recoverable

delete - unique delete function that nibbles at the files and not directories

long-file-name application

file-secure application

file-extention application

batch-conversion-file-name application

file-converter application

hidden-file application

file name case change to small letters, capitals, or title case

file name find and replace change for single character or whole word change applications

file name scrambling

file-name-small-letters-capitals and title case change

convert - metric conversion application, temperature conversion software

temperature - conversion from Fahrenheit to Celsius to Kelvin

ascii-hex - converts ascii letters coding to hexadecimal to decimal

6-sigma - quality conversion from ppm defects to sigma

site crawler - webmaster software

site crawler - more screens and usage

site crawler - test drive results

site crawler - usage application, adjustment and troubleshooting

site crawler - reasons for checking reciprocal links

meta-tag  application application, meta tags

link checker  application

web crawler  application

web site promotion software from rpsoft 2000

Second Life Clothes by Suzie Larsen

Consulting - Lean Manufacturing, Web Site Design, Outsourcing

Lean Manufacturing


Web Site Design

Services and Economy



about us

software license

license fees for multiple users


software downloads (help files mostly)

safety application, warranty application, privacy

site crawler - usage application, adjustment and troubleshooting

reasons to buy software








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