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Guide to free rpsoft 2000 reference information


Midi - Midi section main page

midi music free downloads

midi terms definition

midi hexadecimal coding

midi patches, voices, and standard numbering

midi music recording tips

 Music Chord Theory - main page and definitions

chord theory explanations and examples

music chord progressions, definitions and examples

music chord term definitions - of some common terms

Blackjack Information

Blackjack Information - main page and blackjack definition

blackjack statistics and general comments

blackjack game variations

general gambling cautions

blackjack trends and changes and reasons

blackjack money management

blackjack terms dictionary

favorite casinos - California and World

Harrah's Rincon

Pauma / Caesar's Palace


Las Vegas Downtown - Fitzgeralds

favorite casinos - Las Vegas Strip Casinos

Caesar's Palace - Vegas

Flamingo - Vegas

Harrah's - Vegas

Luxor - Vegas

Mandalay Bay - Vegas

Rio - Vegas

Treasure Island

Best Bet Thermometer

Software Related Information

Ms Office - Tips main page

Ms Word Macros

Excel Macro on html link removal, Outlook and Internet Explorer Tips

Using PowerPoint for greeting cards and CD labels

Web Site Hints - main page, general info and search engines

Web site hints: links

Web site hints:  Advertising and Results

Digital Photos - simple fixes

Digital Photos - blemish removal

Digital Photos - composites, tricks and fun

Digital Photos - a complete synthetic photo image

Corel Photo Paint - Hints and Tips, including masks, brightness, clone tool, air brush

Image Sprayer Tool - usage and making images, single or composite

Fills - using fills and making custom pattern fills

General Reference Information

Ship Sizes - The "Tiny Titanic"

Scope Installation on an Air Rifle

Simple Rifle Ballistics

HDTV terms - such as HDTV, progressive scan, 480i, 480p, 1080i

Decibel Audio Measurements

Pool Table Playing Tips

Hints on Madden Football by EA Sports

Hints on MVP Baseball by EA Sports







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