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There is the story of the taxi driver who was at least in the correct city, and stopped in a busy area to ask a pedestrian how to get to Carnegie Hall.  The pedestrian looked puzzled for a second and then said in a most serious voice:  "practice, practice, practice".

I am Hunter Bronet, the current owner of Owl and Pussycat Mall, including the OnP SL Animations hb line and other products that are sold inside.  At least, I am the person paying the rent on all of that.  :) Sometimes I am asked if I could take out 5 minutes and tell everything about how I know about how things work in Second Life, and my head swims, and the thought of practice, practice, practice comes to mind.  I do not consider myself a genius and I would imagine that a true genius could get to high levels of Second Life technology faster than me, but my path was not really fast.  In Real life I am a degreed Electronics engineer and have worked in that science field for years.  On the way, I took a liking to software as well as a side subject and took a few college course on it and grad courses and then taught the rest to myself.  The last I checked, I think I had learned 8 software programming languages, and had 13 or more US Software Copyrights (all taking up space in the US Library of Congress and probably costing you your tax dollars) and had sold some of my software to over 25 countries. As for high end drawing programs, I am not sure why, but have had an interest in them for years and have been learning and trying to get better in years at what some might call a high end drawing program.  Now perhaps I sound egotistical at this point.  I hope not, since I don't feel that way.  A real engineer would look at the credentials above and say, son, you are just learning.  There is just so much more to know, and all of us humans just know so little.

So with an engineering and other backgrounds above, some of this comes easier to me I admit.  However, much of the SL work you see is done by people like me offline, in software programs that I for one would never call friendly.  Animation programs for second life for example are so unfriendly that I have now written my own software to help with animation data to cover things that the animation program does not do.  That probably officially makes me a nerd squared.  As for sculptured prim software, even with my background I almost gave up on that non-friendly software program until one day it suddenly got easy if I just did the right things.  Drawing programs and creating wonderful textures in SL also are not always easy.  There have been many days where I would just read the drawing books learning more and more in my spare time.  As any person dealing with software drawing programs might tell you, there is just so much to know and to learn.

Beyond all of that, I have had some fine help from some fine people.  The current Owl and Pussycat Mall one might call the 9th generation of malls as done by my occasional business partner Suzie Larsen, an SL resident for over 2 years who has always had malls and always made clothes and dabbled in SL animation before I could even spell SL.  I have also had some help from her friend Sheri Lane, whom is mostly no longer on SL, about animation knowledge and approach for SL.  And I also lately have joined the Intan Group to learn more and help out at the same time those high end people dealing with Cecilia Zheng's fine invention - the Intan Dance Ball.

At this point, Suzie Larsen does not come on SL much but asks me to watch the mall and help people, but she occasionally will come on to make clothes or do costumes, something she enjoys.  As for me, I have now been mostly concentrating on animation, on whatever fascinated me in that direction.  I have worked with menu driven software and tamed it for uses far beyond love beds.  Of course I suspect a few others may think of that as well  :).  I have also taken an interest lately into dance, mostly for Intan usage, but also some of my own couples synchronized animation balls.  With all of this need for synchronized dance partner animations, I have been at a loss to find any software that did sync well in SL public domain.  That turned out just as well I think since it forced me to do my own, or least modify script in a very large manner to provide synchronization.  While that was hard, it was very very worthwhile.  Now that I am familiar with doing my own sync script I was able to do multi-line dances such as 4 direction electric slide, hokey pokey and attempt other ventures.  Each of those complex line dances had their own needs and hence their own software.  And if one is forced to learn how to do that software, then they can make those changes.

Now that I am partnered with the lovely Sarah Sharp, Sarah takes care of the social events like the ballroom in the sky and more, and does a great job of it.

thanks for reading this

- Hunter Bronet

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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