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  New OnP Store  


Our New OnP Owl and Pussycat Store in 2014


Reason for Updates

As the number of our products grew to more than 340 and our two level store became more complex, we decided to look at change.  In this newer world, some of us use online product viewing more for buys - such as the Second Life Marketplace where we also sell.  But in Tissela we found our many products becoming too complex.  And so we decided to make our new store a combination of the two.  We use viewers ... but by department ... and we have 23 departments the last we counted.  And so products and in some cases demonstrations for dances are only brought up when the customer requests it.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we hope that you will also like this new approach better, as we do also.  It gave us some advantages that we liked.  not only is the store smaller and we think easier to navigate, but now there can be more concentration on the product that the customer may be interested in.  The sales signs that appear are really the same ones as before - except now in most cases they are much larger and easier to see ... being often 4 meters by 4 meters.  And for dance examples, the dance balls are only out for the dance that you suggested.  And of course our Intan dances use an Intan dance ball for examples for you to try.


Well, our products do their own housekeeping, and as such, most sales items will be put away when you arrive.  Just find the department you wish first.  There are four areas.  One area is for clothes for Men and Women and also costumes.  One other area is for animations that are not dance animations and can range from the very simple to the personal animations and AO (animation override type animations) to the very complex balloon systems, and security systems, elevators, escalators and more.  The other two areas are for dance.  Couples and Intan Dance on one side, and Group and Show dances on the other.

After finding what is likely the correct department for you, just click anywhere on the base to start the display.  A sales product should appear above the display.  Then click the arrow forward (most anywhere except the reverse arrow) to go through the products in a forward manner, and click the reverse arrow to go in reverse.  If you like the object, buying it is the same as before.  Just right click it and buy it.  Be careful not to buy an item after the sales item has turned red ... since that means housekeeping may shut it off soon and make it disappear.  If an item is red, best to go in reverse and then forward arrow again to get a fresh copy.  Then, as before, the object that you purchase should appear in your inventory.

For some items, there is more shown.  For ladies hair, there is a demo option below the hair purchase option.  Left clicking the demo will provide that.  To buy the hair, it would of course again be a right click.  For dance items, except Intan, dance balls for couples or groups should appear on the floor for you to try.  Of course the thing to buy is the sales item above and not the dance items themselves.  For Intan of course the dance examples are stored in the Intan Dance Ball which is nearby the Intan Dance sales area for your convenience.


  • When the sales buy item turns red, it will disappear in another minute.  Best not to buy at that time.  Best to use the reverse and forward buttons to refresh it.  It is about 9 minutes unattended before a sales item will turn red, and it is about the 10 minute mark where the sales item will simply disappear for housekeeping and keeping the area clean.

  • If you decide to buy,  Thank you!  First of all !  And then you will find packing material inside along with the product items you requested.  The packing script will say "Delete Me" - and really has the only usage for the sale process itself.  The script inside should only respond to our store commands, but for your own housekeeping and simplicity in inventory, we suggest just deleting it.


We hope that you will enjoy this new store layout as much as we do.  We find the larger size sales images easier to read, and the less walking and confusion an improvement.  At the same time, the smaller store area we admit helps us keep costs down.  Sevearl happy customers have told us what we know ... that often our prices are lower than others.  Of course that means also that we must be careful on costs.  But we really tried to improve the store and the sales process at the same time that we tried to keep our costs down.  We hope you agree.  And thank you for caring about us at OnP Owl and Pussycat.


thanks for reading this

- Hunter Bronet

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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