So. what is new at OnP?  Owl and Pussycat?  The answer is in the photos of me below.  See if you can guess what the new item is?


The answer is that all of me that you see in those photos - was done by our OnP Owl and Pussycat business.  You might then ask - the clothes?  Well, yes the clothes, but even more.  The skin I am wearing is our Accent line of skins (R1.5).  The shape I am using was the shape used for our models who model the skins and was made be me.  The hair is "Renee" - of our new long hair flexi line,  and I believe is the second lightest shade in this case, "Platinum Blond".  But do not worry, all 12 shades come in our hair packages.  The jewelry is ours also - this is our styled diamond jewelry set D05.  Of course you can modify the color of both the necklace and ear rings just by left clicking either of those for a menu.  The high heels also are ours - our pointed high heels with enclosed back.  And like the jewelry, you can also modify the colors of our high heels also by just clicking them.  Oh, I forgot to mention that we did the eyes also.  We tend to give away a set of our eyes (over 15 types) when you purchase either our hair or skins.   And of course you can also modify the makeup in our Accent skin line - even though we believe it is quite low priced.

And of course the gown I am wearing is from Owl and Pussycat and is in our new Elegance Gown line, our Hollywood style.  Also the underclothes and nylons are from Owl and Pussycat.  Oh - I almost forgot - the smile I am wearing in both photos comes from the "emote" item that we have at OnP that allows one to change facial expressions.  Gosh I feel like one of those starlets where everything on them is plastic!  Oh well, I of course am glad that we have all of these capabilities now.  And of course I still think some of our big accomplishments come from Hunter Bronet - such as the Hot Air Balloon Tour System.  The scripting we are doing is getting quite complex.  We seldom use anyone else's scripts any more - but do our own, often from beginnings.

How did we get here?  Well, we find that often one skill in SL depends on others.  You cannot be good at clothes unless you do undies and nylons also.  You cannot be good at animations unless you also do at least some scripting.  You cannot be good at building things unless you can also do very custom textures, and sculptured prims.  So as you try to get good at one skill, you often must first develop others.

The only question we have is .... where will we go next?  Hope it is fun for you as well as for us.

thanks!  Hope you enjoy our products

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