Each of our hair selections includes 12 different textures.  Also in our instructions included, we tell how to dye your hair to get even more colors.  We also include a selection of our eyes to help you in each package, and also a complimentary AO that if you wear, you can get sexy walk, or a better run (out opinion) if you run, and a curtsey (page down).

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Sub Categories within this type ... some examples

Long Flexi Hair  Renee, Ronni, Sheri
Medium Long Flexi Hair  Patty, Pattianne, Patty2, Ronni2
Side Styled  Glamour, Debutante, Starlet
Ponytail Style  Paris, Paris 2, Ingénue
Other  Broadway. Executive, Curly

EXAMPLES OF HAIR COLOR (note again there are 12 hair texturing colors for each hair sales grouping